1st Convocation Ceremony for Class of 2021

On an auspicious December evening, SRM University-AP observed its 1st Convocation conferring degrees to 294 undergraduates. Dignitaries across the world joined together to embrace the special moment on December 01, 2021, at the SRM University-AP campus in a hybrid mode. Dr Andrew D Hamilton, President, New York University, graced the event as the Chief Guest. An Honorary Doctorate was awarded to the Guest of Honour Dr Sethuraman Panchanathan, Director, National Science Foundation, USA.

Dr Hamilton expressed his greatest admiration towards the new university and its first batch of students. Being associated with established heritage universities all his life, he expressed his utmost joy to be a part of a nascent university full of promises and potential to create a long and illustrious history. The achievements of the past three years are an active example of the limitless possibilities that SRM University-AP nurtures. Dr Hamilton expressed his opinion saying that this era is in critical need of higher education. Similar to the story of Robert Louis Stevenson, universities have the responsibility to ‘punch through darkness’, and SRM University-AP must be one of the vanguards. “It is extraordinary to see so many laurels to be brought by the students amid COVID-19 and a worldwide pandemic,” opined Dr Hamilton extending an open invitation to SRMAP fraternity to visit NYU and be a part of it.

In his speech, Dr Seturaman Panchanathan expressed his sincere gratitude upon receiving the honorary doctorate. In his advice to the graduating batch, he presented a mantra of 6 Cs to follow in life to be worthy of honour and respect. First, a great journey begins with ‘Curiosity’. To propel towards progress, you must foster curiosity and never cease asking questions. Second, you must always find the ‘Courage’ to stay positive. Trust your abilities and embrace your failures making those into stepping stones towards success. Third, true success can never be achieved alone. It is always a ‘Collaborative’ game. Fourth, effective ‘Communication’ is the key. Get people excited about what you are doing and accelerate the development with your expertise. Fifth, ‘Commitment’ is the essence of success. Be a life-long learner and dedicated to excellence. Lastly, ‘Compassion’ is the factor to bind all these together. Dr Panchanathan encouraged the graduands to learn these mantras by heart, and success will find them in life.

“SRM University-AP was established with a vision of catering for the educational needs of the students of Andhra Pradesh and India. Our motto from the beginning is to provide a holistic education for the overall personality development of the students. On the occasion of the 1st convocation ceremony, it gives me immense joy to share that our first batch of students has been able to imbibe the vision of the university into their lives. They were able to prove their mettle on every parameter, be it academic, extra-curricular activities or research,” opined Dr T R Paarivendhar, Chancellor, SRM University-AP.

President of SRM University, Dr P Sathyanarayanan, said that the education system in India is going through a transformation with the newly enacted National Education Policy-2020. SRM University-AP aims to be the vanguard of this transition. After the successful introduction of academics, SRMAP embarks on an even more ambitious challenge of extending its research wings to add value to society. “I am proud to confess that despite being a nascent university, SRM University-AP has created a niche for itself through its research projects funded by the Government of India and reputed industry giants,” asserted President Sathyanarayanan, congratulating faculty for their incessant support and guidance to the students. “Above all, I extend my love and appreciation to my dear graduands who are joined here to receive their degrees,” added Dr Sathyanarayanan.

Prof V S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of SRM University-AP, mentioned, “Today’s convocation ceremony is to acknowledge the merit to those who have been trained, examined and undoubtedly found worthy both in character and in learning.” He further implored the graduands not to be content with the initial academic instruction but always to aim high and dream big. “All of our dreams come true if we have the bravery to follow them, if we believe in ourselves and have the courage, commitment, passion, and competitive drive to sacrifice the minor things in life in order to pay the price for the things that are worthwhile,” advised Prof V S Rao. The event ended with the presentation of degrees and medals, followed by joyous celebrations

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