How to write a compelling SOP and LOR?


The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies is organising a webinar on “Inputs on how to build SOP and guidance on LOR” on September 22, 2022 from 10.50 am to 11.40 am. The session will be handled by Mr Srivatsan, an expert in abroad admissions.

Drafting a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is an art. While an SOP is written on your own, an LOR is a letter that you receive from your teacher/professor. An SOP often follows a standardised format. There are several questions you need to answer in this document which will in turn reflect your real purpose in pursuing higher studies abroad. Most of the time, students lack clarity as to what they should emphasize in their SOPs. Proper guidance and assistance in this regard will help you address a lot of your queries.

Similarly, LOR writing also follows a pattern. There are different types of LORs such as Academic LOR, Professional LOR etc. Having a broader picture as to what aspects of your capabilities you wish to highlight will help your mentor to draft the letter accordingly.

In this session, a majority of your concerns regarding SOP and LOR writing will be addressed. The session intends to touch upon the various aspects associated with formatting these documents. Receiving the right guidance and tutoring will certainly help you draft a convincing SOP and credible LOR.

Speaker’s Profile

Mr Srivatsan is a Software Engineer by profession. He completed his Bachelor’s in Engineering with a major in Computer Science and pursued Master’s in Computer Science abroad at Wayne State University, Detroit. After a short dabble in Software Development and Testing with Microsoft, Mr Srivatsan returned to India having realised that his passion was teaching. He has been associated with Jamboree since 2014, after teaching Quantitative, Verbal, Aptitude, and Soft Skills. He has mentored a lot of students, placing some in Ivy League Schools. An avid Ultra Marathoner, he imparts the skills to his students to make sure they reach the heights they want.

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