Save the soil for a greener tomorrow

workshop SRMAP

The Save Soil movement was launched by the yogi, mystic, and the visionary, Sadhguru, around three decades ago as a small step that would contribute towards his lifetime vision of raising Human Consciousness. Over time, it snowballed into a global movement garnering support from international and national agencies and uniting people worldwide to affirm their commitment to restore the planet by advocating for the health and future of our soil.

This effort will reap rewards when ecological challenges are taken seriously by corporations, organisations, individuals, and governments and when public support allows them to embrace long-term policy changes to protect the soil. SRM University-AP in collaboration with Isha Foundations is conducting a workshop to create awareness about soil conservation among the student community.

Date: September 05, 06 & 09, 2022

Venue: ALC, Level 4 – Admin Block

The time calls for a conscientious approach towards the environment from all sections of the society from local communities, organisations, farmers, schools, and governments. Join the #SaveSoilMovement and lend your hands to make a greener future possible.

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