Mega passport drive: To facilitate your journey abroad

The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies is organising a Mega Passport Drive to assist students in applying for new passports and renewing their existing passports. The event is scheduled on September 15 and 22, 2022 from 10.00 am to 04.30 pm.

SRM University-AP offers umpteen opportunities for students to study abroad and gain international learning exposure. The various outbound mobility programmes introduced by the university are Global Immersion, Semester Abroad Programmes, Overseas Internships, Summer and Winter Schools, etc. What makes the abroad learning opportunities at SRM University-AP unique is the customised variety of overseas learning avenues introduced here keeping the differing requirements of its students in mind.

A lot of students have expressed their interest in being part of such study abroad ventures. However, a majority of them are still groping in the darkness when it comes to various technical procedures associated with travelling abroad. Applying and securing a passport is one of the hurdles on their way. The Mega Passport Drive is an opportunity to walk students through the passport application procedure.

Students can submit their applications to the university itself. All the individuals who are looking for a new issue or reissue can avail this opportunity.

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