Safeguard your tomorrow with a higher education abroad

higher education abroadUtilising the student phase of life to the maximum is paramount in every ambitious individual’s career. Investing a definite amount of time and effort in acquiring and honing knowledge is necessary for building a better future. To create your identity in a multifaceted academic milieu, one needs to get a grip on how the world works. Affording different values and mindsets of the world outside one’s homeland is a well-opted way to reach this goal. There lies the relevance of studying abroad.

The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies is conducting a seminar on Glimpse on Abroad Studies to discuss the University Admission Process and the importance of GMAT, GRE & IELTS. Mr Prabhu T L, Regional Head, Jamboree Education, South India, will handle the session.

Date: September 15, 2022

Time: 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM

Venue: Admin block, Third floor, ALC -1

About the speaker

Prabhu holds an MBA in International Business from Pondicherry Central University and is currently the Regional Head – South with Jamboree Education, India’s leading institute for helping students achieve their dreams of studying in Global Universities. His focus areas include the practice of 21st-century education curriculum, the use of technology for academic excellence, and enabling students to realise their potential by choosing suitable careers, courses, and colleges in India and abroad. He is a teacher at heart and enjoys spending time with students inside and outside the class. He guides students to achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education in the top Universities worldwide.

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