A discussion on the Future of Science: observing National Science Day 2021

On February 28, 1928, Sir C V Raman discovered the Raman effect, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930. National Science Day is observed every year on this day to commemorate the contributions made by scientists towards the development of our nation and the world as a whole. Further, the day is celebrated to create awareness concerning the role of science in society.

Following the theme of National Science Day 2021- ‘Future of STI: Impact on Education Skills and Work’, SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh has organized a panel discussion on February 27, 2021, at 4 PM. During the session, Prof Ranjit Thapa, Department of Physics, Dr Imran Pancha, Department of Biological Sciences, Dr Karthik Rejendran, Department of Environmental Science, Dr Manjula R, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Prof Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Department of Biological Sciences (Moderator) will be deliberating on “The Future of science is faster and exciting than you think.”

During the session, the eminent professors will be discussing the application of new techniques for the development of science. Ideas will also be spawned to provide opportunities to scholars pursuing science, thus accelerating the pace of scientific development. Subsequently, the panel will manifest the exponentially improving technologies that require a transformation in the pedagogy, education, curriculum, and skill enhancement approaches while imparting knowledge to the young minds.

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