SRM University-AP’s Freshmen Orientation Programme-2021 starts with the first motivational speech of this season with Dr Kalidindi N Satyanarayana as the keynote speaker. Dr Kalidindi N Satyanarayana, Director of IIT Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, will grace the event with a captivating interactive session with the freshmen-2021. The session has been scheduled for August 26, 2021, at 10.30 am.

Dr Kalidindi N Satyanarayana is currently the Chairman of the Implementation Committee for IIT Madras Research Park – Phase II. In the past, he has been in the committees for setting up new campuses, including – IIM Trichy, IIT Indore and IIT Jodhpur. Formerly, Dr Kalidindi N Satyanarayana has been a Professor in the Building Technology & Construction Management Division of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. Having received his B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Madras, MS, and PhD degrees with specialization in Construction Engineering and Management from Clemson University, USA, he joined Madras in 1991 as the faculty.

In addition, Dr Kalidindi N Satyanarayana is the Chairman of the Academic Advisory Group, Project Management Institute (PMI) India; Vice-Chairman, Board of Advisors of The Glass Academy; Expert Member on the Board of Management of Building Materials & Promotion Council (BMTPC), and serves as Independent Director on five company boards. Further, he is the recipient of many academic awards, including the PMI (India) Distinguished Scholar Award (2011).

Dr Kalidindi N Satyanarayana’s teaching, research and consulting interests in the areas of project management, construction contracts, construction productivity, construction equipment, C&D waste management, and public-private partnerships will be reflected in his inspirational session with the students of SRM University-AP.

SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, has organised a virtual Orientation Programme to welcome the Freshmen 2021 to the avenues of excellence. The next few years in SRM University-AP will transform their lives and steer them towards becoming global professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and more. Eminent people from various sectors of the society will deliver keynote addresses in the Orientation Programme. The Freshmen Orientation Programme-2021 has been scheduled for August 25, 2021, onwards to familiarise students with the university systems, processes, academia and culture.

Freshmen Orientation Programme-2021The Orientation Programme will be inaugurated on August 25, 2021, at 2.30 pm in the august presence of Dr P Sathyanarayana, President; Prof V S Rao, Vice-Chancellor, Prof D Narayana Rao, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University. The dynamic leaders of the university will interact with the student and brief them on the university vision and mission.

The following fortnight will bring distinguished personalities from academia and industry to explain the university system and processes. There will be an introduction to various departments of the university such as Examination, Student Affairs, Information Technology & Knowledge Management and Corporate Communication, Academic Affairs, NSS, Campus Life, Centre for Skill Development, Student Counselling etc to help students understand how different department works. Deans and Faculty of the departments will also speak to the students to give an overview of the department and its scope and opportunities.

Renowned speakers from different spheres of society are invited to initiate motivational discussions during the Orientation Programme. Prof K N Satyanarayana, Director-Indian Institute of Technology-Tirupati, will be speaking on August 26, 2021, at 10.30 am.

Dr Jaya Prakash Narayan, Former Secretary to Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, will deliver his speech on August 28, 2021, at 10.45 pm. The students will get to hear from VV Lakshmi Narayana, former JD-CBI, on August 31, 2021, at 10.45 am. Progressing with the programme, SRM University-AP requests Dr Hanuman Chowdary, Director of Centre for Telecom Management and Studies and Chairman of Pragna Bharati, to inspire the Freshmen on September 02, 2021, at 10.45 am. On the next day, Padma Bhushan Dr K Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman Emeritus-Shantha Biotech, will be delivering a speech at 10.45 am. Also, Ms Koka Vijayalakshmi, Classical Dancer, will be presenting a lecture on September 04, 2021, at 10.45 am. Prof B S Murty, Director-IIT Hyderabad, will be speaking on September 06, 2021, at 9.30 am.

Beyond the motivational lectures, SRM University-AP has organised sessions on Yoga and Meditations in collaboration with Heartfulness Institute with Dr Venkata Nori and Ms Harshada Kulkarni.

Programme Schedule: Schedule for Freshmen Orientation Programme-2021

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SRM University-AP celebrates the birthday of Founder Chancellor Dr T R Paarivendhar as Founder’s Day on August 24, 2021, at 10.00 am. The inauguration of Prerana Vanam, a week-long (Aug 24-29) event of planting trees across the university will be held as part of the celebrations. Dr M Malakondaiah IPS, former Director-General of Police, Andhra Pradesh, will be the chief guest of the day. Vice-Chancellor Prof Vajja Sambasiva Rao; Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof D Narayana Rao; Dr Vinayak Kalluri, Registrar; and Wg Cmdr Venkataachalam Sekkappan, Director-CLM will address the gathering.

About our Founder Chancellor:
The Founder Chancellor of the SRM Group, Dr T R Paarivendhar, is also a Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha from the Perambalur Constituency, Tamilnadu. He was awarded an honorary doctorate (honoris causa) from Birmingham City University for his contribution to the field of Engineering and Technical Education. Dr Paarivendhar has published an anthology titled “Paarivendhar Kavithaikal”. He has been in the social and cultural forefront in donating toward the contribution for the cyclone-affected States like `Gaja Cyclone` in Tamil Nadu and flood-affected States- Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, and for the earthquake-affected State Gujarat. More than crores of Rupees have been donated for the development of the affected areas in the respective States.

The Department of Mathematics is organising the first episode of the Distinguished Lecture Series on September 15, 2021, Wednesday, at 6.30 pm. Prof Suman Chakraborty from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, will deliver a lecture titled “Flipping with the Flow – Perspectives of Puzzling Fluid Dynamics and Human Health”.

Abstract of the Lecture:
Over the past century, advancements in fluid dynamics hallmarked deeper studies on complex fluids, though. Fluid dynamics of blood, possibly the most critical complex fluid impacting human lives, is primarily dictated by red blood cells (RBCs) that are flexible biconcave discs spending their lives suspended in blood plasma that is elusively more complex than simple water. Commonly, RBCs stack together to form structures called rouleaux like cylindrical packs of coins that reform continuously. Contrary to intuition, instead of clogging, such reforms result in the easier flow of blood as it passes through extremely narrow channels. An influential theoretical premise of blood flow has been rationalizing this by drawing analogies of RBCs with compound liquid droplets in which the cytoplasm is more viscous than the outer fluid that triggers a series of complex shape transitions. However, a stiffening of RBC membranes under certain conditions contradicts this analogy and may alter ATP release that happens due to shape deformation. This may signify specific diseased conditions and influence a plethora of ailments ranging from cardiovascular irregularities to cancer metastasis. The role of unique flexibility of microvasculature and morphology of the microenvironment, dynamical signals of pressure pulsation and disease-specific blood rheology make it extremely deceptive and patient-specific and difficult to model within the known territories of expertise of fluid dynamics.

Prof Suman Chakraborty will discuss here various computational, in-vitro and in-vivo studies conducted in his research group that have attempted to address some of the pertinent outstanding questions, unresolved paradoxes, and will present a deeper challenge that makes even ‘simple’ blood flow strikingly more complicated than its intuitive analogy of pipe flow in engineering fluid mechanics. He will also suggest a way forward with a convergence of physics-based modelling and data science, where blood flow is not merely perceived as an ‘inert’ physical phenomenon but recognized as an exclusive hallmark of ‘life’ with all individualism intrinsic to humans.

About the Speaker:
Prof Suman Chakraborty received the prestigious Santi Swaroop Bhatnagar Prize and became the youngest Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. He has also been a Fellow at the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS), and Indian National Academy of Science (NASI), in addition to being the recipient of the Indo-US Research Fellowship. He is also a recipient of the Scopus Young Scientist Award given by Elsevier for high citations in his research publications, the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (2005), and the Young Scientist/Young Engineer Award from various National Academies. He has been bestowed with the Fellowship of the American Physical Society, the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Fellowship of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Join this educational session on September 15, 2021, at 6.30 pm to gain insights from the field expert.

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