PSB Hosts First Edition of Trending Issues in Management with Focus on AI

TIMIn a landmark event that marked the first edition of “Trending Issues in Management,” Paari School of Business at SRM University-AP brought together a stellar lineup of industry stalwarts to delve into the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The conference aimed at unravelling the complexities, exploring the opportunities, and addressing the challenges posed by AI in the ever-evolving landscape of modern management.

The event featured an elite panel of speakers, including Mr Sudhakar Vadapalli, Senior Vice President IT and Corporate Affairs, Biological E. Limited, Hyderabad, Saurabh Singh, Senior Vice President, Global Delivery Leader, Polestar Solutions, Delhi, Shriram Vasudevan (FIE, FIETE, SMIEEE), Technical Evangelist, Intel India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Laxminarayanan G, Global Head of Automation, Cyient, Bangalore, Karthiban Pandiyan MBB® PMP®, Leader Process Excellence, PwC India, Bangalore, and Ramya Sampathkumar, Independent Consultant and ex-Chief Digital Officer, Chennai.
They were joined by SRM AP’s esteemed members, Dr R Premkumar, Registrar, Prof. Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, Dean of Paari School of Business, Dr CA Mahalakshmi Mudliar, and Mr Arun Prasad, offering a rich blend of theoretical insights and practical perspectives on AI’s impact on management.

Prof. Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran set the tone in his welcome speech, emphasising the school’s commitment to embedding Quality, Innovation, Customer-Centric Approach, and Ethics into its curriculum. “Our aim is to provide students with a contemporary education that is at the forefront of industry trends, particularly in AI and Blockchain, ensuring they are market-ready,” he stated.

Truly, considering the advent of technology in recent times, Paari school of Business is the first B-School in the country to include Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as compulsory courses. It is also first in launching a Certificate Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI in Marketing.

Keynote speaker Sudhakar Vadapalli captivated the audience with his exploration of AI’s evolution, referencing Howard Gardner’s definition of intelligence and highlighting the rapid advancements leading to today’s sophisticated Large Language Models like ChatGPT. “The journey from Turing’s initial concepts to today’s AI showcases a trajectory towards an intelligence that might one day parallel human cognition,” Vadapalli remarked.

The subsequent panel discussion was a deep dive into AI’s role in reshaping management, highlighting the technology’s potential to enhance efficiency, innovate decision-making processes, and foster continuous learning and adaptation. Yet, the experts also cautioned about the challenges, particularly concerning data privacy, security, and the ethical use of AI.

The consensus among the panellists was clear: AI is not a fleeting trend but a fundamental shift reshaping the business landscape. Embracing this change requires new skills, such as Prompt Engineering and a proactive approach to the ongoing developments in AI technologies.

This seminal event underscored the importance of AI in contemporary management and positioned the Paari School of Business as a pioneering institution committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies into its academic fabric, preparing a new generation of leaders ready to navigate the AI-driven future.

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