Social Support and the Resilience Among Young Adults in Kashmir

Social Support and the Resilience Among Young Adults in KashmirThe latest research paper of Dr Aehsan Ahmad Dar, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, and Dr Idris Hassan Bhat, Assistant Professor, Department of Liberal Arts, examines the relationship between social support and resilience among young adults in Kashmir who have been exposed to the traumatic events of armed conflicts. His paper titled The Association Between Social Support and Resilience of Young Adults of Kashmir Exposed to Stressful Events of Armed Conflicts and with Their Background Variables was published in the esteemed journal Social Work in Mental Health, which is issued by the reputed publisher Routledge Taylor and Francis.

Through the research, they found that social support plays a crucial role in enhancing the resilience of young adults and reducing the adverse effects of traumatic experiences. This publication is a significant contribution to the field of social work and mental health, particularly in the context of the ongoing conflict in Kashmir. The findings of the researchers highlight the importance of social support in promoting the mental health and well-being of individuals who have experienced trauma.


The current study examined the association of social support and background variables with resilience among young adults exposed to traumatic and stressful events of armed conflict in Kashmir, India. Data were collected from 693 participants using a multi-stage sampling method. Findings revealed that social support and gender were positively associated with resilience, whereas education, income, and maternal education were negatively associated with resilience. Moreover, feeling insecure and psychologically distressed as a result of the conflict was negatively associated with resilience, whereas the perception that the Kashmir conflict would be resolved was positively associated with resilience. The findings suggest fostering resilience in this population.

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