Guest Lectures organised by the Paari School of Business

Harish BhardwajOn March 20, 2024, MBA students at Paari School of Business had the privilege of attending an enlightening discourse on communication strategies for branding, delivered by the distinguished speaker, Mr Harish Bhardwaj. Throughout the session, Mr Harish emphasised the pivotal role of problem identification in effecting meaningful change.

Mr Harish urged the students to adopt fresh perspectives and delve deep into issues, highlighting the importance of uncovering root causes. He asserted that solutions to complex problems often stem from simplicity. By encouraging students to think critically and analyse situations from different angles, he empowered them to approach branding challenges with innovative and effective strategies.

Furthermore, Mr Harish underscored the necessity of comprehending audience needs, stating, “It is not about what you have, but what they want.” He emphasised the power of active listening and genuine connections. By understanding the desires and preferences of the target audience, businesses can tailor their communication strategies to effectively engage and resonate with their customers.

Engaging the students in stimulating discussions, Mr Harish explored various topics related to branding. He delved into personal branding, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a strong and authentic personal brand that aligns with one’s values and goals. He also discussed the concepts of the ‘moment of truth’ and the ‘zero moment of truth,’ highlighting the significance of making positive impressions during customer interactions and the influence of online research on consumer decision-making.

He challenged the attendees to dissociate physical attributes from personality traits, emphasizing that serving others transcends mere personality. By focusing on providing value and meeting customer needs, businesses can build long-lasting relationships and establish a strong brand presence.

The session culminated in the exploration of the transformative potential of storytelling. He exemplified how stories can catalyse change, foster connections, and leave indelible impressions on audiences. Through captivating narratives, he illustrated the power of storytelling in creating emotional connections and engaging customers on a deeper level.

The discourse left the students at Paari School of Business enlightened and inspired, equipped with valuable insights into effective communication strategies for driving branding change. Mr Harish’s expertise and engaging delivery style ensured an enriching experience that will undoubtedly resonate with attendees for years to come.

Paari School of Business is committed to providing its students with opportunities to learn from industry experts and gain practical knowledge. Such insightful sessions contribute to the holistic development of students and prepare them to excel in their future careers.