Innovation in education

“Innovation is the only way to win,” said Steve Jobs, who certainly knew a thing or two about innovations. With Industry 4.0 and digital disruptions felt across every sector, innovation and creativity are the way forward. Institutions of higher learning that are focused on nurturing winners in varied walks of life have integrated innovation into their modes of learning, curriculum and ecosystem. And SRM University-AP has been leading the way.

Innovation in educationEstablished as a broad-based multidisciplinary research-intensive university, it has been the flagbearer for innovation in a short span of time. Of course, the unprecedented events of the past year necessitated the integration of innovation into modes of learning and classroom delivery. SRM University-AP was up to the challenge, swiftly transitioning to digital platforms, encouraging engaging pedagogies and novel assessment systems to enhance students’ learning experience.

Innovation in education

But the university’s truly pioneering work lies in fostering an entrepreneurial and innovation-centric aptitude amongst students. Through mentorship from faculty members and industry experts, SRM University-AP has consistently strived to inculcate the values and penchant for innovation and creative solutions amongst students. It has also instated varied clubs and initiatives that promote students pursuits based on innovation.

  • The Innovation Cell at the university promotes the active participation of students in numerous activities that put innovative thinking into focus. From participation in events like Toycathon 2021 to Smart Idea contests, it is a buzzing hub of activity.
  • ENNOVAB, the Entrepreneurial Innovation Lab is a student-run centre that has added a rich layer to the ecosystem at the university. It was founded by alumni of the Saturdja Center For Entrepreneurship & Technology, University of California Berkeley.
  • It will also partner with SRM University-AP and Jacob Center of Design And Innovation to launch the Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA). It will harness the culture for students of liberal arts and sciences, engineering and management.
  • SRM Habitat for Research & Innovation in Science (SHRISTI) takes things a step further and has been designed to nourish young and fragile businesses through guidance and resources. It will enable students to develop their business ideas effectively.
  • The university is also keen on establishing Centers of Excellence on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 5G Technologies, Weather Forecast, Satellite Technology, Renewable Energy etc.

SRM University-AP has been organising seminars and conferences that speak for the values of innovation in every industry sector. Together with these centers and labs, it has thus created an environment where students can ideate, innovate, be creative, and become the changemakers of tomorrow.

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  1. amar says :Reply

    Very apt and relevant post on rethink our ways to learn. Without innovation there is no learning. One of my friends N. Sureshan who has been a pass our of SRM-AP recalls his days at SRM and talks very high of SRM.

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