OMACS: the start-up initiative of Dr Udaya Shankar

OMAC by Dr Udaya ShankarStart-ups are the centers of innovation. Ideas may seem easy, but their implementation is not. Dr Udaya Shankar from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is ready to confront the challenges of innovation by registering his new start-up, OMACS.

OMACS envisions becoming the best research lab and product company within the next five years. The company’s motto is based on the 3P’s, that is, patents, papers, and product prototypes. The mission is to collaborate with world-class researchers experienced in both academy and industry. This will bring together the best advisors who have expertise in research and industry in the areas of AI and Game theory applications to Visual Inspection systems, 5G wireless communication networks, NFTs for Telecom, and Agriculture Robotics.

This company will be focused on developing products based on AI/ML-based visual inspection systems, Advanced wireless communications, NFTs for telecom, etc. Currently, five students from the university are interning with him and helping him develop the products.

Nine members are already being trained in the respected areas by enjoying their exposure to the industry environment. Four more interns are to be recruited for the ongoing projects. OMACS is in discussion with other start-up companies to offer research support to them. After six months of its implementation, the start-up plan to provide employment to some of the students in the university and recruit world-class people.

Mr Udayan Bakshi, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship, has helped him to initiate the start-up under the Hatchlab Incubation Centre of the university. “In every step of the journey of OMACS, we got all the support from Hatchlab. We are thankful to Hatchlab for their constant support and encouragement,” said Dr Udaya Shankar as he recollected the dynamics of Hatchlab and OMACS.

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