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SRM University-AP celebrated International Yoga Day 2022 illuminating the vitality of practising yoga in the backdrop of the chaotic and disruptive scenario of the present times. Accomplished heartfulness practitioners Mr Venkata Krishna Kumar S and Mr Ram Pavan were the guests of honour of the day. Registrar Dr Prem Kumar, and Dean-SEAS Prof B V Babu, welcomed and felicitated the invitees.

Prof B V Babu addressed the gathering and expounded on the significance of Yoga. He highlighted the power of yoga in activating the connection between body, mind, and soul. Essentially, it is the lack of unison between these elements, which leads to a confused and disorganised self. He exhorted the students to make yoga an indispensable part of their lives to discover their higher selves.

Mr Venkata Krishna Kumar interacted with the students and rendered an edifying lecture on the true meaning and benefits of yoga. Emphasising the theme of this year’s yoga day, ‘Yoga for Humanity’, he spelt out how the word ‘unity’ is already embedded in humanity. The unrest and anarchy broken out across different parts of the world is undeniably a consequence of the absence of this unity. He expressed how yoga would help one to rise to a higher level of consciousness and unite with the world around.

He also focused on yoga’s power in liberating the mind from all meaningless entanglements and thoughts. Students were also made to meditate and reflect on all random thoughts that cropped up in their minds. Yoga is not just about physical exertion and regulating bodily functions. It fundamentally aims at bringing the mind under control and emancipating it from all worldly distress.

The session was presided over by Mr Ram Pavan. He shed light on different aspects of yoga and explained how it helps in exploring and purifying our consciousness. He also demystified the essence of heartfulness meditation and implored the students to practise meditation. Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, Assistant Director, Student Affairs, proposed the vote of thanks. The guests of honour were presented with mementoes as a token of gratitude for gracing the celebrations with their invaluable presence.

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