Centre of Excellence for Robotics

The Centre of Excellence for Robotics, SRM University, AP, Amaravati is offering M.Tech in Robotics for a duration of two years. This interdisciplinary programme will equip undergraduate students with the tools and knowledge to work in the dynamic area of robotics. Experts from Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science will work together with the students to design and develop efficient robots for a wide range of real-time applications. Robotics. The field which is going to shape the future of our society will be playing a key role in easing human effort. There is a growing demand for people with Robotics expertise both in public and private sector. It is therefore evident that in the near future, the robotic industry will be growing at a rapid pace and will create employment opportunities for millions of engineers. The aim of this post-graduate programme, is to enhance the skill set of engineers to design and develop efficient robots for a multitude of applications.

Programs Offered

  • M. Tech – Robotics