Students, faculty, and staff of SRM AP gathered early on the morning of 26th January 2020 to celebrate the 71st Republic Day of independent India. The event began with Pro VC, Prof. D Narayana Rao hoisting the national flag of India.

The patriotic mood was heightened by Prof. Rao’s speech where he expressed his reverence towards our freedom fighters who gifted us the freedom of speech, expression, etc. Saluting their sacrifices, he emphasized that independence enabled our nation to prosper and become one of the fastest-growing economies today; the nation that was battling famines 70 years back is one of the largest food exporters of the recent times. He further adds that our enriched education system has presented to the world Satya Nadella-head of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai- head of Google, among many others, who have their roots attached to India, and that SRM AP purposes to impart knowledge and values to the students who would in the future contribute towards making India proud in international spheres.

Thereafter, the students portrayed their sense of patriotism through phenomenal singing and dancing performances.

Trailed by the performance, Prof. D Narayana Rao (Pro VC), Dr. D Gunasekaran (Registrar), and Dr. B Sivakumar (Dy Registrar) gave away prizes to the winners of the Rangoli competition that was held on 25th January 2020 (, where the neighbours expressed their contentment of being associated with SRM AP.

The celebrations at the campus made everyone contemplate their responsibilities towards upholding the ideologies of our national heroes and building a nation that would be admired by all.

SRM AP hosted exhibitions piloted by the Photography Society and the Creative Arts Club on the 71st Republic Day that gave us a deeper insight into the diverse culture and incredibility of India. The photography club declared the competition a week ago keeping the theme “India through my Lens”. The participation of faculty, staff, students including the club members ensured its massive success with 44 and 10 entries respectively for the photography and painting exhibition, which depicted the unimaginable beauty of our country.

After the flag hoisting ceremony, the exhibition was inaugurated at 10 a.m. at the Grand Staircase. Prof. D Narayana Rao (Pro VC), Dr. D Gunasekaran (Registrar), Dr. B Sivakumar (Dy Registrar), directors, deans, faculty, staff, and students gathered to witness the creative aptitude of the participants that was showcased through this exhibition

Video game is believed to profoundly stimulate the young minds along with refining their reflexes that develop their ability to critically analyze situations. 2nd-year students, A Sohith Chowdary, Bharat Mocherla, Narendra Gudivada, Syed Moinuddin, Dinesh Thotakura, and Gopi Teja N Sampara launched the e-sports club “Unity” last year. The club organized “Night League” on 29th January 2020 in collaboration with Gaming Isle, a company from Vijayawada, which provided equipment including Play Stations for the gaming competition.

In the evening, the students gathered around the grand staircase to register for the e-gaming competitions. The competition turned out to be a gamer’s paradise with 250 participants registering for the mobile-based game – Call of Duty, and FIFA 20 and WWE having 30 and 33 entrants respectively. The motion sensor game, Kinect was open to all willing players who delved into the world of Virtual Reality and mesmerized themselves.

Mr. Rithvik, Managing Director of Gaming Isle invited 40 students to visit their office in Vijayawada and play CS GO. In the future, the winners of the gaming competitions desire to participate in state-level e-sports tournaments and showcase their gaming acumen.

SRM AP campus celebrates Research Day-2020

The first chapter of Research Day was observed at SRM University, AP Campus on 31st January 2020. The novelty of its inception was honoured with the presence of Chief Guest- Dr. R. Chidambaram, DAE Homi Bhabha Chair Professor, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, and Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, Guest of Honour, Prof. B Vengamma, Vice Chancellor and Director, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati, Prof. D. Narayana Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor, SRM University, AP, Dr. D. Gunasekaran, Registrar, SRM University, AP, Prof. Ranjit Thapa, Convener, Co-convenors- Dr. G.S. Vinod Kumar, and Dr. Karthik Rajendran, Deans, faculty members, students, and staff. The program was organized keeping in mind the necessity of developing a culture of research among the young students of the university, and to provide a platform to exchange and exhibit their innovative ideas.

Prof. Narayana Rao, Pro VC addressing the audience on Research Day, 2020.

Pro VC, Prof. Rao addressed the audience by speaking about the significance of scientific and technological research in substantially improving the socio-economic status of India. He says, “When our country became independent, India had a literacy rate of 12% and life expectancy of 32 years. In 70 years, India has reached the stature of being one of the top five economies of the world. This remarkable transformation is credited to science and technology. The advances in research gave birth to a whole generation of self-confident Indians who took up adventurous career path in India and abroad”. Further, he applauded India’s excellence in academics, space research, robotics, pharmaceuticals, bio medicine, manufacturing, and construction. Prof. Rao adds, “India is in dire need of regaining the pride and prestige associated with research, which would provide an inspiring environment for students to showcase and nurture their aptitude in research”.

Hon’ble Chief Guest, Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan, Dr. R. Chidambaram is a nuclear scientist known for his integral role in developing India’s nuclear weapons. He worked with the team that conducted the first nuclear test (Smiling Buddha) as Pokhran Test Range in 1974. Further, he coordinated and led the team- Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) that conducted the second nuclear test Pokhran II in May 1998. His inspiring address themed at the significance of research in generating knowledge that can mitigate problems pertaining to science and society. He believes that science is a universal consciousness that spars geographical boundaries and religions. He suggests, “We should equip our researchers to innovate and utilize the knowledge”.

Dr. D Gunasekaran, Registrar honouring the Chief Guest, Dr. R. Chidambaram on Research Day.
Prof. Narayana Rao hounouring Dr. Chidambaram.

Directed basic research is necessary to meet the long term industrial and strategic needs of India. Dr. R. Chidambaram motivates the audience by demonstrating the current advancements in research, namely SRM’s collaborative project with Tanishq ‘hardening of 22 carat gold’ and hydrogen train. He also mentioned multi-disciplinary projects such as world class Tumor Knee Prosthetics, research in the domain of low carbon energy, improvement in military strength and security through nuclear programs, Indian National Knowledge Network, RuTAG, and many more. He believes that India is an anti-fragile nation as it has become self-reliant by combating adverse situations and crises. In his views, optimistic and firmly resolved young scientists can take the nation forward with their continued research.

Guest of Honour, Prof. B. Vengamma, MBBS, DM (neurology) is the Director cum Vice Chancellor and Professor of Neurology at Shri Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati. Through her 30 years of clinical, academic and research experience along with 27 years of administrative experience, she observed that low doctor-patient ratio in India contributed to negligible research time. Lack of documentation of ample medical cases has minimized the opportunity to conduct extensive research. However, she believes that progress in science is possible by encouraging more research in bio medicine. Also, she says, “In the recent times, barriers between engineering and medicine and life-sciences has blurred. Exchange of knowledge has bridged the gap between experimental findings in the lab and its actual application in the field of medicine”.

Prof. B. Vengamma addressing the audience on the latest neurological research solutions.

As a part of the research day program, the students, Ph.D. scholars, and faculty were awarded with Gold Medal, Silver medal and certificates for their shortlisted research work that they had presented on 29th January, 2020. SRM University, AP published a book of combined abstracts submitted for the occasion on the Research Day. Hon’ble guests spent time with researchers, enquired about their research, and encouraged them to further proceed with their research work that can aid to ‘making lives better’.

Dignitaries with students and faculty who presented exceptional research abstracts.
Dr. R. Chidambaram and Prof. B Vengamma presenting the certificate to a student for outstanding research work.
Student honoured by Dr. R Chidambaram for remarkable research.

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