SRM University AP- Amaravati Signs MoU With Leading French Institute EFREI

The SRM Group’s new flagship higher education project, SRM University AP- Amaravati has inked a collaborative partnership with France’s leading specialised engineering institution, EFREI. The Memorandum of Understanding for promoting academic collaboration in the areas of faculty, student exchange and research collaboration was recently signed by the President of the University Dr P.Satyanarayanan and the Director of EFREI, Frederic Meunier.

“I am happy that the first academic collaboration we have entered into is with France, a close and natural ally of India. We are also privileged to be in partnership with EFREI, its programmes in digital sciences are world class and we hope to leverage their expertise through innovative partnerships and programmes”, said Dr Satyanarayanan, soon after signing the MoU.

Founded in 1936, EFREI is today a leading engineering school specializing in information and digital technologies. With more than 7,300 alumni engineers working in France and internationally, EFREI is highly placed among the rankings of recruiting agencies and human resources departments of large companies.

A number of EFREI engineers have taken their place in the history of computing. From Andre Truong (class of 1959), the co-inventor of the first-ever microprocessor to Rani Assaf (class of 1997), one of the minds behind the Freebox (an ADSL modem offered by the French telecommunication provider Free), to name a few.

It has many firsts to its credit: from best engineering program in digital sciences; best engineering school with an international focus for high-paying careers in IT and finance; highest percentage of alumni hired within 3 months of graduating; and 1st place out of the 15 best engineering schools in France.

SRM University, AP – Amravati is a world-class, globally connected and regionally transformative centre for research and education. It is being established in the heart of the new Amaravati City of Knowledge, a modern, vibrant metropolis within the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

SRM University, AP – Amravati is being established as a multi-stream research University and will have the faculties of Engineering and Technology to start with.

Designed by the internationally renowned American Architecture and Consultancy firm Perkins + Wills , the new university  aims to not only build a high-quality research intensive institution but also to integrate new technologies into the student experience and teaching methods to provide both students and staff with cutting edge facilities of a global standard.

An unforgettable moment, two leading higher education institutions, joining hands to create innovative pathways of learing for the next generation of students.

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