Strengthening Research Culture

“In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand. Research is creating new knowledge,” said Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. The quest for knowledge creation has consistently pushed researchers and scholars to seek answers to evolving questions. And if there is anything we have learned in the past year, it’s that we are often posed with new challenges that require innovative solutions in today’s world.

The new world has its eyes trained on well-trained researchers, who are problem solvers of tomorrow. Their journey begins at institutions of higher learning, which should not only imbibe research aptitude but also equip them with cutting edge skills to see their projects to logical conclusions. Looking at teaching and research as independent entities can be a considerable loss, and new-age institutions like SRM University-AP are set on avoiding it at any cost.

Research in its DNA

Strengthening Research CultureSince its inception, SRM University-AP has been known as a broad-based multidisciplinary research-intensive university. As its Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. D. Narayana Rao says, “SRM University-AP provides exciting and challenging research opportunities that are of national and international importance and have social applications.” True to those words, it has developed a lively ecosystem conducive to research, showing the results.

The research focus at the University had drawn around 60 scholars from around the world pursuing their PhDs in their areas of interest. In a short span of time, faculty members and students of the University have published over 200 research papers. In 2019-20 alone, eight patents were published, and 5 were applied for under SRM University-AP. The staggering amount of quality output has caught the eye of aspiring researchers and leading institutions alike.

Strengthening Research Culture

Top names like DST, DBT, BRNS, Government of India and the British Council have sanctioned 24 research projects with a total outlay of Rs. 12.00 crores to faculty members at SRM University-AP. And this seems only the beginning for scholars at the University, who are encouraged by concerted initiatives and growing infrastructure on campus, which has a thriving ecosystem for research pursuits.

  • The University has drawn a dynamic pool of faculty members with international exposure. As they work on impactful research, they mentor students and scholars to think creatively and present solutions through projects.
  • It is set to create Centres of Excellence on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 5G Technologies, Weather Forecast, Satellite Technology, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage Devices, Additive Manufacturing, Gene Editing, and Blue Economy to embrace new technologies.
  • Its international collaborations with MIT, the University of California, Berkeley and other renowned foreign universities offer students opportunities to interact with and collaborate with peers and academicians worldwide.
  • SRM University-AP has also focused on industry collaborations with powerhouses like TITAN, Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) for joint research. In fact, it is working with Indian Railways to develop hydrogen-powered fuel cell-based trains.

These and other projects in the pipeline can no doubt have an impact on society. But at the same time, shaping future knowledge creators and problem solvers will be a significant achievement stemming from the research culture on the SRM University-AP campus.

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