Get set for 5 really cool things once you get on board as a SRM- Amaravati’s SEAS or SLABS student

These days, the popular saying that has started taking rounds in the SRM- Amaravati campus is- “once a SRM-ian, always a SRM-ian” and why wouldn’t one be! With some real fun things at your calling twenty-four-seven, the kind of bonds SRM-ians are forging among themselves are meant to last them their lifetime. Why and how? After 7 to 8 hours of rigorous day schedule, the “after class” life at SRM- Amaravati is becoming quite splendid- for a host of reasons and here are our five favorites, taking the cool quotient of School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences (SLABS) and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) of SRM, Amaravati to a new high.

Life after 7

As a comparatively new campus, with vast stretches of land getting developed under the guidance of the global architects and engineers- students at SRM-Amaravati has sprawling acres of field- as their territory, their very own kingdom. Right after classroom sessions, students gather around the basket ball court or are seen forming teams for their evening cricket, football or TT sessions. They challenge each other over friendly matches and small competitions- amidst hearty laughter and healthy banters.

The crazy hostel moments

The hostel block is the Mecca of all-things-fun! With the first floor having the television stationed in the common room, students are often seen with their evening snacks, munching and surfing channels or enjoying movies. The third-floor of the hostel block has the foosball and TT tables. You literally need to wait your turn and embrace all the heat of the sports before you can settle your score with your opponent over a match.

The night canteen

During assignments and last minute deadlines, the night canteen becomes the go-to place for the procrastinators and the nocturnal humans on campus. The place opens at 9 pm in the night and operates till 1 am- serves hot beverages, juices, fruits, egg omlette, and crispy puffs to answer the midnight cravings. Some nights the menu gets re-zigged and some even cooler stuff makes it to the kitchen of the night canteen.

Weekend getaways

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With Guntur and Vijayawada within hour’s drive, SRM-ians plan their weekends in ways to make it to the city, for relaxed- touristy weekends. The Amaravati Museum, the Bhavani Island and the Undavalli caves are among the favorite tourist spots for students coming from various parts of India and the globe. If you are in Guntur, of course the Gandikota Fort, Grand Canyon and the bird sanctuary are places you just shouldn’t miss. And what about the popular local food dishes? Well, if you are a non-vegetarian, give your taste buds the luxury of Nellore Chicken Biryani and Pachadi – typically made of vegetables, greens and roasted green or red chilies. That’s how it goes for our students in the SRM- Amaravati campus! The study, they explore, they eat and they work hard.

The student clubs and committees

From the Literary Society to Entrepreneurship Cell, giant stuff happens at the SRM- Amaravati campus. With 7 super active societies- Literary Society, Robotics Society, Innovation Society, Coding Society, Music Club, Gaming Club and Photography Club SRM-ians choose to be more- every single day. The sun never sets at the SRM-Amaravati

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