A faculty pool- selected from among the best across the globe

Oklahoma. Cambodia. Hawaii. Russia. Republic of Korea. Australia. And of course, India! SRM University, AP- Amaravati faculty comes from varied countries, bringing vast academic and varied industry experiences along with them.

  • Each professor is a Ph.D. holder
  • Each professor of SRM University, AP- Amaravati comes with significant international exposure
  • They are either published authors or noteworthy researchers
  • Award wining faculty who have been recognized for their innovations, research and business acumen

SRM University, AP- Amaravati’s

  • (Dr.) James West of English Department has been recognized as the Maui Businessman of the Year, 2005
  • (Dr.) Bhagyalakshmi Kalidass, Department of Environmental Science was awarded the Brain Korea (BK21) Plus research fellowship at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea in 2016
  • (Dr.) Febin Cyriac, Department of Mechancial Engineering is the proud owner of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2008-2010), European Union
  • (Dr.) Dr. V. Krishna Ananth, Department of History, has authored three books from the Historian come Journalist’s lens
  • (Dr.) Ugen Bhutia, Department of Journalism is the Maulana Azad National Fellowship winner from Ministry of Minority Affairs
  • (Dr.) Sujith Kalluri, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering received the Young Scientist Award, Venus International Foundation, India in the year 2017

… and the list is endless

Student and faculty at SRM University, AP- Amaravati- a symbiotic relationship

The intellectually driven ecosystem of the SRM University, AP- Amaravati campus has been instrumental behind numerous “eureka” moments among students. The Next Tech Lab is a standing example to it.

From getting to co-author papers alongside faculty to getting mentored for thesis work, students are given all opportunities to make the most of their life at SRM University, AP- Amaravati campus. The student-faculty ratio works as a major enabler making the course delivery inside the classrooms- fascinatingly interesting.

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