• Preparing students to become a global leader April 28, 2020

    Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan on plethora of opportunities at SRM AP

    SRM AP, Andhra Pradesh brings an opportunity for the aspiring students to stay informed and ahead of their peers. Through a webinar hosted by Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Professor and Head of the Department, Biology & Biotechnology, Ph.D. program admission coordinator, the exceptional SLABS program of the university was highlighted. Prof. Jayaseelan introduced SRM AP through a video enunciating the faculty, research, and students. He spoke of the higher education, job, and research opportunities that a student can expect after graduating from SRM AP. “SRM AP is a research-based university located amidst the greenery accentuating its green campus.”, says Prof. Jayaseelan.

    In this webinar, Prof. Jayaseelan discusses about the 10 departments of SLABS that offer various degrees including B.Sc. (Hons.) and B.A. (Hons.). In addition, 6 foundation courses are made compulsory to broaden the learning sphere of the students. The multi-disciplinary curriculum equips the students to be prepared and compatible with the industry requirements, improving their employability in the global market. Prof. Jayaseelan asserts, “Since the disciplines are blurring and blending, the unique foundation courses make our students leaders in their field”.

    All the faculty of SRM AP hold Ph. D from renowned Indian and international institutes along with extensive global exposure. They provide excellent mentorship to the students in terms of higher education, research, and national/foreign internships. They also guide the students to pursue the ideal career paths.

    Prof. Jayaseelan further discusses the course structure which includes 3 years of the degree course and 1 year additional for availing diploma course, if the students opt for the same. The diploma course focuses on preparing the students for a master’s program abroad. Prof. Jayaseelan informs, “We believe in strong theoretical knowledge and confidence in handling instrumentation and equipment’s is important whether it be for higher studies, finding job or to venture own ideas as a successful entrepreneur.”

    SRM AP has active learning centers where 5-6 students are grouped, and the groups are urged to discuss current challenges and issues of the study field. This challenging framework nurtures the spirit of teamwork and improves the problem-solving abilities of the students. They emerge with a clear understanding of concepts as the discussions widen their knowledge base.

    The webinar concluded with a question and answer session. Among 77 students who attended the session, many of them proactively inquired on basic curriculum, module, credit system, core courses, electives, and diploma course. When a student requested Prof. Jayaseelan to enlighten them on internships offered to the senior students, he explained that a student did her internship from JNCASR, a massive opportunity rarely provided to undergraduate students. Furthermore, he explained the selection process where the applicants will be called for a written test/interview. The panel evaluates the intent and analysing ability of the students instead of testing their memorizing skills. Apply Here

    Prof. Jayaseelan also updates that SRM AP has training cells, Fablab, and Next Tech Lab, where the students get an edge over their peers. Along with it, students talk on nationally/internationally recognized journals during frequent colloquiums organized by SRM AP. Furthermore, the professor informs that faculty trained from MIT University is about to open another cell at SRM AP to encourage the budding entrepreneurs, where their ideas will be complemented with proper planning and direction. The SLABS program has opportunities galore in store for young minds interested in every realm.

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