HOD's Message

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh. The Department presently offers a three-year B. Sc. degree programme in Computer Science with specializations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. The Department has 30 faculty members with Doctorate qualification.

The vision of the Department is to provide Research-based education to the students. Active learning is the pedagogy followed by the faculty members to improve the quality of learning of the students. The faculty members are actively engaged in carrying out research activities in the areas Image processing, Information Retrieval, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, Database Systems, , Big Data Analytics and Software Engineering.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan of the Department is currently carrying out a project titled “A Scalable Architecture Model for Privacy and Performance in IoT” funded by DST. This project will be carried out with collaboration of IIT Tirupati and the duration of this project is 3 years. Dr. Sandeep Sengar has obtained a patent tilted “Artificial Intelligence based Detection of Violence through Surveillance Camera”, Indian Patent No: 201911033264 (Status: online). Our faculty members have submitted many more research project proposals to various funding agencies.

The Department provides excellent state of the art laboratory facilities to the students and the faculty. Students are encouraged to carry out projects of Multidisciplinary nature. The department offers a Minor programme in Computer Science to the students of Engineering Degree programmes. The students of the Department are also given opportunities to get international exposure through semester abroad programme (SAP). In this semester, ten students of the Department are pursuing their studies at University of California, Berkeley and University of Wisconsin, Madison through SAP. Students of the Department are motivated to take up internships in the industries and institutes of eminence in India and abroad to get quality academic exposure. Overall, the Department provides high quality research oriented education to the students in order to mould them to succeed in modern technological world.

- Prof. T. Ragunathan
Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science.