Scope & Career Opportunities with B.A. Economics at SRM Amaravati

The BA Economics program at SRM University AP, Amravati seeks to draw students who have a desire to enter careers where they are likely to make long-lasting contributions in policy making, in research or corporate world. A major in economics can plan a career path in areas like banking, finance, business studies, management, law, public policy, business analytics, data science, to name a few. The in-depth study of economic theory, applied analysis, quantitative skills and economic policies help one to apply her knowledge in any of the above areas. It is also very common for this program to serve as a launch pad to propel students interested in pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program at elite schools both in India and abroad.  One of the most sought after subjects in the Indian Civil Services Exams and other competitive exams such as the Indian Economic Service and the Reserve Bank of India, economics is the cog from which many exciting and fulfilling careers emerge.  Many of India’s Rhodes scholars (perhaps the most prestigious scholarship offered at the end of an undergraduate degree both in India and abroad) have chosen Economics as their undergraduate major. As a discipline, it combines a student’s ability in mathematics alongside their deep curiosity in understanding how the world functions and behaves.