Research Day 2020

Research Day 2020 

Research Day 2020 will be celebrated in SRM University, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh on January 31, 2020. It is an excellent opportunity for all the faculty members, research scholars and students to exchange and exhibit their ideas on research. Research abstracts are invited on innovative topics from the faculty members, research scholars and undergraduate students of our University. Registration is free and all are requested to register for the Research Day.

Important Dates

Abstracts Due          30 Nov 2019
Acceptance              15 Dec 2019
Presentation            29 Jan 2020
Research Day           31 Jan 2020


  1. Participants can submit their abstracts only through online portals. Hardcopy of abstract is not accepted.
  2. Participants can submit more than one research abstract.
  3. Faculty members and research scholars will be placed under one category, while undergraduate students are placed under another category.
  4. Every participant is requested to submit the abstract in their respective category, to the possible extent.
  5. If the first author is a faculty member, then submit the abstracts in faculty portal, if not the abstract should be submitted via student’s portal.
  6. The abstract with same title is not allowed to submit again with other co- authors as first author.
  7. Kindly ensure and check the name of the authors and affiliation before submission of abstract. Further changes are not appreciable.
  8. Participants can present their work to other departments based on the research topic. However, participants are requested to mention the department where they wish to present their paper at the time of abstract submission.
  9. Gold/Silver medal will be given only to the presenting author.
  10. If you are unable to choose the right thematic area, please submit your abstract by selecting “other areas”. The committee will consider and segregate to a relevant thematic area.
  11. Students can contact chairpersons/organizing committee for any queries about abstract, presentation and the research day event.

Certificate will be issued to the authors of the papers only if they present their paper during the presentation in the respective.