SRM AP and AIIMS Mangalagiri share healthcare research of mutual interest

AIIMS Mangalgiri collaborates with SRM APAIIMS Mangalagiri, one of the premier healthcare institutes of National importance, has agreed in principle to collaborate with SRM University-AP to carry out joint research programs of mutual interest in health care. Doctors from AIIMS Mangalagiri and faculty members of SRM University-AP had a joint meeting held at AIIMS Mangalagiri on Wednesday evening.

Pro Vice Chancellor of SRM University-AP, Prof D Narayana Rao, expressed the significance of AIIMS Mangalagiri’s collaboration in the proposed research projects, outreach programmes, and patent inventions undertaken by SRM university-AP during the last three years. Dr C H Lakshmi Rajyam, Medical Officer of SRM University-AP, requested the support of AIIMS-Mangalagiri to provide medical and health services to the university faculty, staff and students.

Director of AIIMS Mangalagiri, Dr Mukesh Tripathi, agreed in principle to these proposals. He opined that AIIMS would visit SRM University-AP on July 26, 2022, and expressed his interest in inking an MoU. Dr K A Sunita, Prof G S Vinod Kumar, Prof Prakash Jadhav, Dr S Mannathan, Dr Pradyut Kumar Sanki and other faculty from SRM University-AP gave a PowerPoint presentation about the proposed research projects. Dr Mukesh Tripathi, Dr Joy A Ghoshal, Dr Deepti, and Dr Vamsi Prabhrutlu of AIIMS Mangalagiri took part in the meeting.

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