Exciting dream salary in dream company BARCLAYS

Exciting dream salary in dream company BARCLAYS8 students with exciting job offers to their name from world-renowned Barclays Multinational Bank shine up on SRM University-AP banner. Thriving in a competitive environment and levelling themselves up with their goals, these students were able to not only show their polished skills but also their refined mannerisms at expressing it. Their smart work at making best use of the versatile courses offered to them by SRM University-AP has helped them land the job of their dreams.

Barclays is a coveted dream company for Engineers in India. The Placement Cell at SRM University-AP, CR&CS (Corporate Relations and Career Services) realizes that for specific job roles specific skills would have to be cultivated and the students would need outstanding training along with their academia to fill these roles. The CR&CS counsels the students accordingly so that by the time they sit for the interview they carry the confidence of being the perfect fit for the role.

Maneesha Reddy
“Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen. This is what SRM University-AP taught me. The ISCP course by the CCC department included in the academics helped me become better every day and improved my skills in coding and logical thinking. The training classes provided for the placement and the talks with the experts organised by the CR&CS department helped me know the overview of the placement process. Faculty members really helped us to improve, especially our HOD, Dr Raghunathan, has been the best support to all things associated with the CSE Department. My advice to my juniors is to stay focused on your work, be confident, and follow the curriculum set by the placement department.”

Gunturu Hemanth Sai Kumar
“SRM University-AP curriculum provided a wonderful environment for building up my basics and it also helped me in achieving higher CGPA. The bootcamps and ISCP classes conducted by CCC department provided me the exposure to different company specific problems and improved my problem-solving skills. Placement department also provided me with opportunities by bringing in various companies and that experience helped me clear the interviews. I even got shortlisted for interviews of Marquee and super dream companies like Wells Fargo, NielsenIQ, Navis, Sabre which provided me great exposure to interview handling skills.”

Asritha Pidikiti
“SRM University-AP is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, fun, culture, many such life preaching activities. Various workshops and sessions that were held in the University, improved my technical as well as interpersonal skills. My knowledge and confidence go a boost after coming here. SRM University-AP has given me a chance to participate in various committees which helped me to broaden my network. The placement cell has excellent policies and has exceptionally helped me build an industry-ready profile, by arranging seminars and holding aptitude- development lectures.”

Chinta Yaswanth
“I am very glad to start my career with Barclays This could come to pass because CR&CS dept supported us a lot by conducting multiple mock tests. Especially, thanks to the company specific sessions before the drive. These sessions before the drive made all the difference and assured us to face an interview. I whole-heartedly appreciate the virtual help desk despite of the covid situation. I would suggest my juniors to be good at their basics and follow the inputs given by placement team.”

Kalluri Lahari
“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.
“I still remember when I joined this university, being a person who used to be shy and introvert, and today, I am here holding an offer would not have been possible without the support from SRM University-AP. The coursework provided by CR&CS department, CDC and domain training helped me to achieve this offer. The CDC department guidance assisted us in improving communication skills and teamwork. Approximately 65 companies lined up for recruitment in a month. SRM University provided us with countless opportunities to fulfil our goals. My advice for the juniors would be to not postpone everything to the last-minute because this might stop you from achieving your dreams.”

Srirangam Varsha
“The curriculum containing industry specific training, mock interviews and group discussions along with company specific training made it easier for us throughout the placement drive. We were familiar with the concepts asked in our coding and interview rounds thanks to the training sessions provided by the CR&CS department. The encouragement I received from my faculty and mentor really helped me when I was at my lowest. I would like to take this chance to thank all my faculty, seniors and CR&CS department because of whose help I did not feel any burden throughout my placement drive and achieved great results. I would suggest to my juniors to take advantage of inputs provided by management to fulfil your dreams and achieve higher heights.”

Paturi Mohinish Teja
“I am very happy to get placed at Barclays. I used to dream about getting placed at a FinTech institution and am very glad to achieve it. Curriculum at SRM University-AP helped me in learning all the required computer fundamentals. CCC training organised by the placement department has helped me a lot during my preparation for placements and interviews. I have been part of Next Tech Lab, which helped me learn a lot of things and build many projects. These projects helped me in Interview. My advice to Juniors would be to build a strong portfolio and never give up in the middle.”

SRM University-AP is proud of their achievements and would like to wish them all the success in their lives as their alma-mater.

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