A champion in the making!

A Champion in the Making

Mastering martial arts is not an easy feat as it demands an exorbitant amount of effort from our physical as well as mental capability. Truly excelling in a martial art form can only be achieved through the manifestation of hardwork, perseverance and unwavering willpower. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is proud to announce that Ms Bala Ramya Sri Yerramreddy has been selected for the Wushu Championship at the 36th National Games, 2022.

Ms Bala Ramya had previously secured gold at both District and State Level Wushu competitions. Through her journey, she has exhibited strong willpower and dedication to reach these heights. She encourages students to pursue any field of sports or martial arts to attain a peaceful mental constitution as well as physical well-being. Martial arts also equips one with self-defence techniques against physical conflict.

Wushu, an ancient form of hard and soft Chinese martial arts, trains students with superior combat skills for self-defence and promotes sound mental and physical health. One is truly robust only with a healthy balance between well-tuned mind and body.

Her journey to the National Games 2022 representing the state of Andhra Pradesh is awe inspiring and an accomplishment of incredible pride.

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