Mathematics is a multifaceted and fascinating body of knowledge. People have pursued mathematics over centuries and across cultures for its application in real life as well as to quench their intellectual thirst. Sharing and solving riddles and problems, looking at different solutions, or even simply participating in the activity without attempting to solve the problems are some of our mathematical engagements for pleasure.

However, the very mention of the term ‘Mathematics’ could invoke extreme responses among students. Some are deeply attracted to it, while others have anxiety attacks at the sight of a Mathematical expression! This is because the mathematics one learns in school and college is linear, assessment oriented, and calls for speed. Given sufficient time and freedom to explore multiple approaches, many who fear mathematics may find themselves enjoying it.

The Math Club at SRM AP aspires to create an engaging platform to explore mathematics using diverse approaches of interest. Posing and solving puzzles, drawing attention to elements of mathematics in everyday life, portraying mathematics through cartoons and poems, and getting to know the history of mathematics are some exciting possibilities that the math club offers for a delightful rendezvous with mathematics.


To encourage passionate engagement with mathematics by promoting diverse activities that go beyond regular classroom learning.

  • To encourage students from the university and from schools and colleges in the neighbourhood to avidly participate in club activities.
  • To dispel the fear of Mathematics among those who are not enthused by what they learn in the formal curriculum.
  • To promote analytical thinking and problem-solving ability among those who are
    inclined towards Mathematics.
  • To provide a platform for students to explore historical, socio-economic, and cultural  dimensions of Mathematics.
  • Periodically pose puzzles and problems pitched at different levels.
  • Hold interesting activities like Rangoli and Origami with a note of Maths involved in it.
  • Conduct competitions like poetry and cartoon at the intersection of Art and Mathematics.
  • Call for essays on a given theme – could be about some aspect of Mathematics or engage with issues around Mathematics.
  • Organise an annual event on December 22, observed as National Mathematics Day. Recognise participants in the Math Club activities by giving them prizes and certificates of participation.