Associate Professor

Dr Vimal Babu

Paari School of Business


  1. Human side of AI, Analytics, Blockchain & Metaverse
  2. Negotiation and Conflict Management
  3. Strategy, Leadership, and High-Performing Team Development
  4. Organizational Behaviour/Leadership and Entrepreneurship



University of Delhi, Delhi
Bachelors (Political Science)


Dr. BhimRao Ambedkar University, Agra,
Masters (Human Resource Management)


FMS, Jamia Millia Islamia Central University, New Delhi, India
PhD (Management: Human Resource Management/Org. Behaviour)


  • 2021-to Date: Associate Professor & Area Chair: HRM & OB, Paari School of Business (PSB), SRM University, Amaravati, AP, India
  • 2019-2021: Faculty (Visiting), SCMHRD Pune, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India
  • 2017-2019: Associate Professor, SIBM Pune, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India
  • 2005-2017: Previously, worked as a member of faculty of management department in universities/B-Schools in India.

Research Interest

  • Human side of AI, Analytics, Blockchain & Metaverse
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Strategy, Leadership, and High-Performing Team Development
  • Organizational Behaviour/Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2024 – Best Reviewer Award by the Academy of Management (AOM): Organizational Behaviour (OB) Division (This was for the 2024 Annual Meeting of AOM: Chicago, IL United States, Aug 9-13, 2024)
  • 2021 – Best Paper Award – ‘Investigating leadership communication strategies in managing crisis: A thematic analysis’, O.P.Jindal Global Univ, India & ESCP Business School and Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation, India
  • 2018 – Best Paper Award –‘Cross-fertilization of Arts and Organization Development’, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS), India.


  • National Human Resource Development (NHRD), Hyderabad Chapter, India



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  • Ramachandran, R., Babu, V. and Murugesan, V.P. (2023), ‘A system to generate a model predicting an employee attrition rate and a method thereof’, Patent published by Patent Office Journal (Application no. 202341031320).


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