Associate Professor

Dr Sunil Chinnadurai 

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


  1. Wireless communication systems/Signal Processing
  2. Information theory and channel coding
  3. Massive MIMO/NOMA/mm-wave/Internet of Things



Electronics & Communication Engineering,
Anna University


Electronics Engineering,
Mid Sweden University


Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Chonbuk National University
South Korea


  • Assistant Professor, SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, India. Mar 2019 – Present.
    Research Focus: B5G Communication Systems, Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces, IoT, Healthcare systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Hyperspectral Image Processing and Medical Imaging.
  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. Mar 2018 - Feb 2019.
    Research Focus: Communication Systems, Signal Processing and Internet of Things.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea. Sep 2017- Feb 2018.
    Research Focus: Communication Systems, Signal Processing, Internet of Things, channel coding and Heterogeneous networks.
  • Research Associate (Part-time), Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea. Mar 2016- Aug 2017.
    Research Focus: 5G Communications, Signal Processing, Non-orthogonal Multiple Access and Massive MIMO, Communication Systems and Wireless Communications.
  • Post-Graduate Research Scholar, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, South Korea. Mar 2013- Feb 2016.
    Research Focus: Wireless Communications, Signal Processing, Information theory, Error Correction and coding systems, Non-orthogonal Multiple Access and Massive MIMO.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden. Mar 2012- Feb 2013.
    Research Focus: Wireless Communications, Image processing, medical imaging and Photon counting detector.

Technical Skills

  • MATLAB, Simulink, Python, CVX tool, LABVIEW, C, C++, GEANT 4 and HI Spec Studio.
  • Development and deployment of Network optimization algorithms.
  • 3GPP LTE PHY/MAC Specifications and wireless channel modelling (Advanced Simulation).
  • Existing and evolving communications system such as 5G and B5G Communications.
  • UNIX, LINUX, Windows OS, Monte Carlo Simulations, LATEX.

Research Interest

  • Analysing the spectral and energy efficiency of a future wireless communication systems in a millimetre (mm) wave environment combining with non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) techniques.
  • Hybrid beamforming for mm-wave Massive MIMO system for limited channel state information (CSI) feedback with various path loss models (Imperfect CSI).
  • Combining resource allocation and antenna techniques for Cooperative NOMA with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (Throughput and fairness optimization).
  • Advanced Wireless Communication Systems.
  • Hyperspectral Image Processing/ Medical Imaging.
  • Massive MIMO/NOMA/IRS/mm-wave/Internet of Things.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2008 – 2010, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, European Union
  • Mar 2018 - Feb 2019, Brain Korea Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Mar 2013 - Aug 2013, World Class University (WCU) Scholarship, South Korea.
  • Mar 2013 - Feb 2017, Brain Korea 21 Doctoral Scholarship, South Korea.
  • Mar 2014 - Feb 2018, MEST Project Awardee, NRF, South Korea.
  • Jun 2016, Best Paper Award, MSPT Symposium, South Korea
  • Mar 2017 - Feb 2018, Outstanding research performance, CBNU, South Korea
  • Sep 2009 - Aug 2011, Merit Based Post Graduate Scholarship, MSU, Sweden.
  • Mar 2013 - Feb 2017, Merit based scholarship, CBNU, Jeonju, South Korea.
  • Oct 2016, ISITC author travel grant, Shanghai, China.


  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  • Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)
  • Korean Information Communication Society (KICS).



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  • Shaik Rajak, Inbarasan Muniraj and Sunil Chinnadurai, “An Energy Efficient Communication Network for an Intelligent Transportation System”, Patent Number: 202241063971, November 2022.

Peer Reviewed SCI/SCIE Journals

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International IEEE Conference Proceedings

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Book Chapters

  • M. H. A. Khan, S. Chinnadurai, P. Selvaprabhu and M. H. Lee: “Energy Efficiency of 5G Cellular Networks for Base Station's Switching System,” Nova Science Publishers, USA. June 2017.
  • Aala Suresh, Inbarasan Muniraj and S. Chinnadurai, “Early Oral cancer detection using hyperspectral imaging”, Under review, CRC Press, September 2022.
  • Sravan Sikhakoli, Inbarasan Muniraj and S. Chinnadurai, “Early Breast cancer detection using hyperspectral imaging”, Under review, CRC Press, September 2022
  • Shaik Rajak, Inbarasan Muniraj, P. Selvaprabhu and S. Chinnadurai, “A novel energy efficient optimization technique for Intelligent Transportation System”, Under Review, CRC Press, December 2022.

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