Assistant Professor

Dr Sheetal Yadav

Department of Literature and Languages


  • Gender Studies
  • Feminist Geography
  • Violence and Trauma Studies



University of Delhi
BA (Hons.)


M A English


Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Research Interest

Dedicated to advancing the field of Women and Gender Studies, my research delves into the examination of rape culture within South Asian narratives. My research work is centred around a deep analysis of various texts and cultural artefacts to understand the factors that contribute to the perpetuation of this phenomenon. By contributing to the broader conversation on gender-based violence and social justice, I am determined to make a meaningful impact through my work.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2022- Best Paper Award- Women’s Leadership Symposium, University of Oxford
  • 2022- IIT Roorkee Travel Grant for research paper presentation
  • 2019- Institute Fellowship- IIT Roorkee
  • 2018 – UGC NET – University Grants Commission
  • Memberships

  • Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
  • Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium
  • Publications

    Publications in Journals

      • Bollywood as a Site of Resistance: Women and Agency in Indian Popular Culture – Yadav Sheetal and Smita Jha, Journal of International Women's Studies, 25 (12), (2023)
      • Mad is an Everyday, Ordinary Word: Foucauldian Resemblance in Jerry Pinto’s Em and The Big Hoom– Yadav Sheetal and Smita Jha, Journal of Exclusion Studies, 12(2), (2022)
      • Each Time a Book Comes out in which mental health is an important issue, we are taking a tiny step forward: An Interview with author Jerry Pinto – Yadav Sheetal and Smita Jha, The Atlantic Literary Review, Vol.22, Nos. 1-4, (2021)

    Forthcoming Publications (In press):

      • Breaking through Barriers: Empowering Women through Sports in Recent Bollywood Cinema-Yadav Sheetal and Smita Jha, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Routledge, Taylor & Francis
      • More Violent than Intimate: Consent, Coercion and Corporeal Resilience in South Asian Marital Settings Culture – Yadav Sheetal and Smita Jha, Social Sciences & Humanities Open, Elsevier
      • Reverberations of Rape Culture: Understanding Gendered Spaces in India – Yadav Sheetal and Smita Jha, Contemporary Women’s Writing, Oxford Press

    Conference Presentations

    • Women Empowerment through Sports: Issues and Challenges organized by the University of Delhi and sponsored by the National Commission for Women, 7th and 8th July 2023.
    • 54th NeMLA Convention March 23-26, 2023, Niagara Falls, New York. Local Host Institution: University at Buffalo, SUNY Panel title- Reimagining #MeToo in South Asia and the Diaspora Women, Narrative and Agency: Enhancing Women Empowerment in India by Probing Violence and Gender Discrimination organized by HSS IIT Roorkee in association with Ministry of Women & Child Development. (12th and 13th April 2023)
    • Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium at Wadham College, Oxford, UK. (12th - 14th Dec 2022) 8th World Conference on Women's Studies Feminist Futures in Precarious Times: Decoloniality, Borderlands, and Transformative Visions. (12 th -14 th May 2022)
    • Cultural Trajectories through Language, Literature and Media, a 3-day International Conference organized by LNMIT Jaipur. (29th April- 1st May 2022)
    • Of Centres and Margins: Origin, Conflicts and Issues, 3-day international seminar organized by PM IQAC in association with the Department of English. (25 th -27 th June 2021)
    • BCIC 2021 International Conference on Recent Advances in English Studies. (3rd -5th July,2021)
    • Journal Reviewer-

      • Asian Journal of Women’s Studies (Taylor & Francis) Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Routledge (Taylor & Francis)

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