Associate Professor

Dr Nitul Dutta

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  1. Routing in Computer Network
  2. Information Centric Network (ICN)
  3. Software Defined Network (SDN)



Jorhat Engineering College, Assam


Tezpur University, Assam
MTech (IT)


Jadavpur University, West Bengal


  • 1998-2007 – Technical Officer – Tezpur Central University, Assam
  • 2007-2013 – Associate Professor – Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim.
  • 2013-2021 – Professor - Marwadi University, Gujarat.

Research Interest

  • Mobility Management in IPv6 based computer network
  • Routing and security provisioning in Information Centric Network
  • Cognitive Radio Network routing and mobility management
  • Software Defined Network


  • IEEE Senior Member

List of Publications

  • Nitul Dutta, Shobhit K. Patel, Osama S. Faragallah, Mohammed Baz, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, “Caching Scheme for Information Centric Networks with Balanced Content Distribution”, International Journal of Communication Systems, (Wiley), Jan 2022, I.F.2.04.
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