Distinguished Professor

Dr M Thiripalraju

Department of Commerce


  1. Capital Markets
  2. Risk Management in Financial Services
  3. Investment Management
  4. Regulating Capital Markets
  5. Mutual Funds



S. V. University
B Com


S V University
M Com


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)


  • Professor and Director-Incharge, UTI Institute of Capital Markets, June 2004-
  • Chairman - Admission Committee
  • Chairman - Placement Committee
  • Professor and Dean, UTI Institute of Capital Markets, 1991-1997
  • Lecturer/ Assistant Professor / Associate Professor, NITIE, 1985-91

Research Interest

  • Market Micro-strucure Performance of Fund Management Risk Management Was member of Aemerican


International Publications (Refereed Journals)
  • “Intra-day Price Influence in Nifty Index Futures: Evidence from VAR and SVAR Models”, Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2005: 117-137, S. Amanulla and M. Thiripalraju.
  • “Does the Weekend Effect still persist in Stock Return? New Evidences from Indian Stock Market” Vikalpa, Vol. 2, April-June 2001, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, with Amanullah.
  • "Commodity Futures Prices In India: Evidence on Forecast Power, Price Formation and Inter-Market Feedback", Accounting and Business Review, Vol 7, January 2000, Thiripalraju, T.P. Madhusoodanan and Gouri Shankar Mishra.
  • "Selection of an Index for Stock Index Futures: The Indian Case", Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets Vol. V, Ed by Theodore Bos and Thomas A. Fetherston, 1999.
  • “Underpricing in Initial Public Offerings: The Indian Evidence”, Vikalpa, Vol. 22, No. 4, October-December 1997 - T.P. Madhusoodanan and M. Thiripalraju.
  •  ‘India, in Business Briefings: Emerging Market Investment’, World Markets Research Centre, London (1996) - M. Thiripalraju, K.G. Sahadevan and T. P. Madhusoodanan.
Articles (Published In Domestic Refereed Journals)
  • The Cost of Equity for Indian Banks : A CAPM Approach”, Volume No. XXXIX, No. 3, October - December 2010, PRAJNAN, NIBM, Pune, India.
  • “Modelling Volatility for the Indian Stock Market” Volume No. IX, No. 1, 2010, The ICFAI University Journal of Applied Economics.
  • “Index Futures: Volatility changes – Indian Case”, Vol.26, No.1, January-March 2002, Udyog Pragati- The Journal for Practising Mangers, M. Thiripalraju & Prabhakar R. Patil.
  • The CAPM and Week-end Effect: Do They Explain Return Variation in Indian Stock Market Efficiently? Volume No. XXX, No. 3, December 2001, PRAJNAN, NIBM, Pune, India.
  • “Trade Execution Cost of Equity Shares: A Case of The Stock Exchange- Mumbai”, The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, Volume No. 7. No. 1, April 2001, M. Thiripalraju.
  • Market Structure and Price Discovery of Commodity Futures in India: Evidence from Pepper and Castor Seed Part-II Empirical Analysis, M. Thiripalraju, T. P. Madhusoodanan and Gouri Shankar Mishra.
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  • lection of an Index for Stock Index Futures : The Indian Case”, The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, Vol.3, 1997. - M. Thiripalraju, T. P. Madhusoodanan, K. Muralikrishna and P. Naveen.
  • Paradigm Shift in Trading of Equity Shares”, Chartered Secretary, October 1995.
  • Preferential Allotment of Securities in India : Some Issues”, Chartered Secretary, April 1995, M. Thiripalraju and B. Manjulatha.
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  • ‘Mutual Funds - Data, Interpretation and Analysis’ - Prentice Hall of India, 1997 - Thiripalraju with K. G. Sahadevan.‘Mutual Funds - Factbook 1995’ - M. Thiripalraju with K. G. Sahadevan, Published by UTI-ICM.

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