Assistant Professor

Dr Koyel Chakravarty

Department of Mathematics


  1. Mathematical Modelling
  2. Mathematical Biology
  3. Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Medical Biology



The University of Burdwan
West Bengal
BSc (Mathematics Honours)


Indian School of Mines
Dhanbad (IIT Dhanbad)
MSc (Mathematics and Computing)


Indian Institute of Technology
PhD (Applied Mathematics)


  • July 25, 2018 - March 31,2022 – Assistant Professor – The ICFAI University Tripura, Agartala, Tripura-799210

Research Interest

  • Studies on controlled drug release and drug transport in the realm of pharmacokinetics for the development of medical treatment through mathematical modelling.
  • Mathematical modelling of Virotherapy and Chemovirotherapy with detailed mediated immunity and more biological complexities.
  • Mathematical modelling of COVID-19 transmission dynamics and study of various
    models of epidemiology.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2013 – GATE (Mathematics) – MHRD
  • 2013-2015 – Junior Research Fellow – MHRD
  • 2016-2018 – Senior Research Fellow – MHRD
  • 2022 – Young Researcher Award by InSc (Institute of Scholars).
  • Lifetime Professional Member of InSc International Publishers


  • Mathematical Modelling of Oncolytic Virotherapy with Mediated Immunity- Koyel Chakravarty, International Journal of Ecology & Development, 38 (1), 2023.
  • A two-phase model of drug release from microparticle with combined effects of solubilisation and recrystallisation- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Mathematical Biosciences, 272, 24–33 (2016).
  • A Two-Layer Mathematical Modelling of Drug Delivery to Biological Tissues- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 759, 012023 (2016).
  • An analytical study of drug release to biological tissues through endocytosis- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Int. J. Dynam. Control, 6, 167–178 (2018).
  • An analytical study of drug release kinetics from a degradable polymeric matrix- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Int. J. Biomath, 11 (1) 1850011 (2018).
  • Mathematical modelling of liposomal drug release to tumour- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Mathematical Biosciences, 306, 82–96 (2018).
  • Mathematical modeling of drug delivery in tissue cells using electroporation- Nilay Mondal, Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1975 030017 (2018).
  • A Nonlinear Mathematical Model of Drug Delivery from Polymeric Matrix- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 81, 105-130 (2019).
  • Stability analysis of drug dynamics model: A mathematical approach- Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Int. J. Biomath, 12 (4) 1950043 (2019).
  • Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of COVID-19 Transmission Dynamics- Koyel Chakravarty, Int. J. Ecology & Dev, 36 (3), 73-98 (2021).
  • A Mathematical Model of Drug Dynamics in An Electroporated Tissue- Nilay Mondal, Koyel Chakravarty, D.C. Dalal, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 18 (6), 8641-8660 (2021).
  • Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Chemovirotherapy on Immunogenic Tumours- Koyel Chakravarty, Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, Accepted for publication (2022).

Invited Talk

  1. Title: The essence of mathematical modeling on biological systems
    At a FDP on Advancements in Computational Biology and Healthcare organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM University-AP, April, 2023.

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