Assistant Professor

Dr Elakkiya E

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


  1. Social Network Security.
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithms.
  3. Networking.



E G S Pillay Engineering College, Anna University


CEG, Anna University, Guindy Campus,


National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli


  • 2007-2011 – Lecturer – Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam Engineering College, Kovilvenni
  • 2013-2014 – Assistant Professor (On Contract) – National Institute of Technology, Puducherry
  • 2014-2015 – Temporary Faculty – National Institute of Technology, Puducherry
  • 2021 – Assistant Professor – VIT AP University


  • Feature Selection for social network spam detection using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to portray spammer behavior.
  • Hyperparameter Tuning for improving the performance of Neural Network based detection models using reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • Text-based online social network spam detection to solve the attention drift problem caused by non-stationarity and hidden context using the Attention Mechanisms.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2013 – Gold Medal – Anna University, Guindy Campus



  • Elakkiya, E, and S. Selvakumar, "GAMEFEST: Genetic Algorithmic Multi Evaluation measure based FEature Selection Technique for social network spam detection", Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer, 79, pp. 7193-7225, 2020. (SCIE Impact Factor: 2.313)
  • Elakkiya, E, S. Selvakumar, and R. Leela Velusamy, "TextSpamDetector: Textual content-based deep learning framework for social spam detection using conjoint attention mechanism", Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Springer, 12, pp. 9287–9302, 2020. (SCIE Impact Factor: 4.594, DOI: 10.1007/s12652-020-02640-5)
  • Elakkiya, E, and S. Selvakumar, "Stratified Hyper Parameters Optimization of Feed Forward Neural Network for Social Network Spam Detection (SON2S)", Soft Computing, Springer, 26, pp. 11915–11934, 2022, (SCIE Impact Factor: 3.140)
  • S Rajmohan, Elakkiya, E, SR Sreeja. "Multi-cohort whale optimization with search space tightening for engineering optimization problems", Neural Computing and Applications", pp. 1-20, 2022.(SCIE Impact Factor: 5.140)

Conference Papers

  • Elakkiya, E, and S. Selvakumar; Initial Weights Optimization using Enhanced Step Size Firefly Algorithm for Feed Forward Neural Network applied to Spam Detection; In TENCON 2019- 2019 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON); pp. 942-946. IEEE, 2019.
  • Elakkiya, E, S. Selvakumar, and R. Leela Velusamy; CIFAS: Community Inspired Firefly algorithm with fuzzy cross-entropy for feature selection applied to Twitter spam detection; The 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication, and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), IIT-Kharagpur, West Bengal; 2020.
  • Sendhilkumar, S., Elakkiya, E, and G. S. Mahalakshmi; Citation semantic based approaches to identify article quality. In Proceedings of international conference ICCSEA; pp. 411-420; 2013.
  • S Rajmohan, SR Sreeja, Elakkiya, E. "‘MS3A: Wrapper based Feature Selection with Multi- swarm Salp SearchOptimization." International Conference on Advances in. Data-driven Computing and Intelligent Systems. (ADCIS 2022)


  • A Selvaraj, T. Arulkumar, Elakkiya, E, Vijayasarathy R, B. Pandeeswari, Sindhuja M, K. ALIC, R. Kannadasan, S. Ambika, S. Hemavathi, A. S. Anakath, "An Improved Real-Time Elephant Detection And Repellent System in the Vicinity of Railway Track Using IOT With Convolution Neural Network". 2023

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