Insights into signal processing @ ECE Department

The Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering at SRM University-AP is organising a webinar session on the topic “Insights into Signal Processing @ ECE Department SRM AP” on July 24, 2021, Saturday, at 6.00 pm. Prof Priya Ranjan from the department will elucidate on the topic via the zoom platform.

Signal processing is a widely used technology that pervades every aspect of our lives. Signal describes how some physical quantity varies over time or space for example sound pressure, radio/television broadcast, movies, electrocardiogram etc. Signal processing is a subfield of electrical engineering that involves manipulating a signal to change the basic characteristics of a signal or to extract some information from it. This is performed by computers, special purpose integrated circuits or Analog electrical circuits.

To know more about analysing, modifying, and synthesising signals with the Department of ECE, join this invigorative webinar on July 24, 2021, from 6.00 pm onwards.

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