Music acts as a therapy which relaxes the mind and ignites a new energy with its Rhythm. The Music Club provides an inclusive platform to the music lovers to dip in the musical ocean, and also to participate and showcase their musical skill. It is a place where students come to jam, learn, and make music of different essence. The club conducts a variety of activities throughout the year ranging from grand intra-campus shows to fierce musical competitions, productive musical workshops to preparing students to excel in nation-wide contests.


Promoting the heritage and the beauty of Indian Classical Music and Culture among the youth


  • Providing a platform for the students to nurture, flourish, and showcase their talents
  • Producing beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion through Indian Classical Music
  • Assisting students in retaining and enhancing their own, individual love for music
  • Developing a powerful framework that allows the students to become passionate and ambitious musicians to craft their own professional talents
  • Encouraging students to actively participate in various music-based events conducted within the campus and outside the campus
  • Motivating the students to work for musical projects, bands, orchestra, studios, etc.