ACTS is a student run club whose goal is to create spaces for debate, discussions and art on campus.

The club has hosted several events like :

1) La art la pour la vie- literary fest,2019,

2) Guftagu and chai(weekly discussions)

Guftagu and chai is a weekly event where anyone one campus can join in to discuss that week's topic. So far the topics discussed have been: An ideal campus and career, Gender and the LGBTQ movement, social media and the spread of fake news and a couple of poetry reading sessions

3) Debate Fridays( in association with debate society)

Debate Fridays which was organised in association with the Debate society has had debates on the topics : is attendance relevant ?; Citizenship Amendment Act.

4) Open mic session

Open mic session was conducted to provide a platform for artists on campus to showcase their talents. Students took part to sing/play songs, tell jokes, recite poetry and beat box.

5) Reading circle(weekly event)

Reading circle is another event hosted by ACTS where an e-version of the book is shared with the students and on the weekend various views and aspects of the text are discussed.

6) Khalbali

The club has also published two issues of its monthly "Khalbali" which features works of students on campus. Khalbali is a monthly student magazine which features stories, essays, opinions and art works of various students on campus.