How SRM AP students are getting industry-ready

How SRM AP students are getting industry-ready

Motivation is what gets you started; MBA is what gets you going. It’s a phrase management aspirants have heard many times over. Your management programme is not just a course to imbibe crucial business skills; it’s a stepping stone for a long-term, successful corporate career. It should be seen as the vital stage in your journey towards your goals, which prepares you for the fast-evolving business scenarios today and in the future as well.

World economies have been in a state of flux, the job market has always been intensely competitive; today it’s also riddled with uncertainty. It’s your training and experiences during your management programme that will set you apart from other candidates for dynamic career profiles. School of Entrepreneurship And Management Studies (SEAMS) at SRM University-AP is driven by the goal of nurturing leaders of tomorrow with its futureproof programmes.

The new entity carves out its identity

SRM University-AP brought to the state the legacy of the SRM brand renowned for its excellence in the fields of engineering, science, medicine, social science, commerce, law, and management education. In a short span of time, it raised the bar for higher education in India making its mark on the global stage. Meanwhile, SEAMS carved out its own identity within the University becoming a force to reckon with thanks to its future-forward management programmes.

  • Strong Foundation: The cutting edge, industry-oriented curriculum of the programmes is designed to help students understand the inside outs of the business world in areas of Finance, HR, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Management. These skills hold students in good stead in their long term careers.
  • Innovative pedagogies and assessment: Case studies, group discussions, role-plays, quizzes, research projects have been integrated into the programmes to promote active learning. Along with digital exams and online tests, they are also part of the assessment process that helps determine students’ progress.
  • Mentorship from the best in the business: Given its reputation, SEAMS has attracted a strong faculty pool that includes industry-experienced names. Through various industry interaction sessions, workshops and seminars also bring students in close contact with professionals who can mentor them.
  • Industry exposure: Students of the university engage in research projects guided by their faculty members and transform into problem solvers. They also get vital real-world exposure through live projects and internships with top corporate companies, to be groomed into industry-ready professionals and leaders.
  • Multidisciplinary way ahead: Business leaders who can think laterally and out of the box, are the need of the future. Lateral thinking is just one of the many benefits students experience as they study in the multidisciplinary environment at the University. Peer learning through interactions with students from diverse backgrounds is enriching.
  • Going global: Business managers and leaders from the country have the potential and platform to make their presence felt on the global stage. The university has endeavoured to facilitate that with its international collaborations with top organizations. Its partnership with Harvard Business School Online is one of many such initiatives.

Future beckons Indian business professionals. With its futureproof management programmes, SRM University-AP is ensuring that its socially-conscious managers, leaders and entrepreneurs are ready for it.

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