This contest is open to all members of SRM – AP. Others may also participate, if interested – so please circulate news of this event/contest to your friends and others.

The main objective of this program is to achieve ‘Waste reduction and control’ by fostering the Gandhian principles of developing small and cottage industries.


5 participants per group with a maximum of 25 groups.

The groups will ideate and create their final “Best out of Waste” product utilizing used/waste materials.

The entry-product should be both innovative and creative, and also serve a purpose/need.

The winning group/s will be selected by a jury and presented a cash award.

Volunteers and others may also make innovative poster-presentations about waste-management.

This contest will test the creative abilities and team skills of our students and we hope it will help them develop a keen sense for tapping potential business opportunities.

Venue: ALC 4 Level 4
Time: 2p.m. - 5.30pm
Date: 16th October 2019