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  • SRM AP Hosts Australian Delegation for Collaborative Initiatives November 1, 2023

    Aus Collab pan

    SRM University-AP played host to a dynamic and visionary Indo-Australian Collaboration Meet aimed at fostering academic partnerships and research collaborations between the two nations. The event featured a delegation led by H.E. Sarah Kirle, the Australian Consulate General. It occurred in the esteemed presence of Vice Chancellor Prof. Manoj K Arora and Registrar Dr R. Premkumar.

    The Collaboration provided a platform for fruitful discussions and exploring potential collaborative initiatives between educational institutions in India and Australia. The discussions centred around ways to promote the exchange of knowledge, faculty and students, as well as joint research initiatives and cultural programs. Both parties expressed their commitment to developing academic exchange programmes that would allow students and faculty to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and educational environments. The meeting identified potential research areas where Australian institutions and SRM University-AP could work together to address global challenges and significantly contribute to the respective fields.

    The panel featured discussions and brainstorming sessions, with research taking centre stage. The parties deliberated on developing a framework for collaborative research projects, which would encourage knowledge exchange and innovative solutions to global challenges. Discussions revolved around student and faculty exchange programmes, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities that would promote cross-cultural understanding and enrich the educational experience.

    The visit served as a significant step in fostering relationships between SRM University-AP and Australian institutions, with the shared goal of promoting global education and research. It will signify a commitment to expanding horizons and offering students a broader and more enriching educational experience.



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  • SRM University-AP Signed MOU with University of South Florida November 1, 2023

    SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, takes a momentous step towards enhancing its global presence and fostering academic collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of South Florida (USF). This historic event took place in the esteemed presence of Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP, Dr Prashant Mohapatra, Provost & Executive Vice President of the University of South Florida, along with Dr Kiki Caruson, Vice President, USF.

    The MOU hailed as an “umbrella agreement” represents a comprehensive and strategic partnership to promote collaborative research, student exchanges, faculty interactions, and cultural engagement between the two institutions. This MOU will pave the way for academic exchanges, joint research initiatives, and collaborative projects that will enrich the educational experience for students and faculty at both institutions. The partnership seeks to facilitate cultural exchanges, allowing students to gain a broader understanding of global perspectives and fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity. SRM University-AP students will have the opportunity to experience a truly global education by participating in programs and activities hosted by the University of South Florida. Joint research projects will allow both institutions to tackle complex global challenges and significantly contribute to their respective academic fields.

    Dr Prashant Mohapatra emphasised the importance of international collaborations in higher education, stating, “This partnership allows us to combine our strengths and resources for the benefit of our students and faculty. We look forward to the notable opportunities that lie ahead and remark on the potential for impactful research collaborations; by bringing together our expertise and knowledge, we can address global challenges more effectively. This MOU is a testament to our shared commitment to academic excellence.”

    Prof. Arora, also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “This MOU signifies the beginning of a new era in our journey towards global academic excellence. We are thrilled to join hands with the USF, a renowned institution with a strong commitment to innovation and research.” As the academic world evolves, SRM University-AP remains dedicated to providing its students with the best possible opportunities and experiences. The MOU with the University of South Florida is a significant stride in this direction, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to global learning and a brighter future.


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  • Unlocking Opportunities: A Glance at Education Expo 2023 October 13, 2023

    edu fair 2

    The Directorate of International Relations & Higher Studies (IR&HS) hosted the Education Fair on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, to provide meticulous guidance on higher education in universities and programmes across the globe. The event featured major universities from USA and UK, including the University of Missouri St Louis, USA, University of Greenwich, UK; Coventry University, UK; California State University, USA; York University, Canada and many more.

    The event provided students with a compass for their educational journey. Expert advisors and counsellors offered insights into courses for higher studies, and scholarships, and guided them toward the right choices for their future. From business and engineering to arts and sciences, the expo showcased the diversity of worldwide educational opportunities.

    The SRM University-AP’s education fair was a source of inspiration for students, motivating them to dream big and aim high. The education expo was more than just an event; it promised a brighter future, a world of opportunities, and a global perspective on education.

    edu fair 1

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  • “Diplomatic Exchange: Building Bridges Beyond Borders”- SRM University-AP hosts Diplomats from over 13 Countries August 7, 2023


    SRM University-AP organised an exclusive gathering of diplomats, academicians, and policy leaders from across the globe at the “Diplomatic Exchange: Building Bridges Beyond Borders” on August 05, 2023, to foster meaningful interactions, cultural exchange, and the establishment of strong global partnerships. The event was inaugurated with an auspicious lamp-lighting ceremony by H. E Mustapha Jawara, High Commissioner, High Commission – Republic of Gambia; Amb. Rtn. Anil Trigunayat (IFS Retd.), Chairman-Confederation of Education Excellence, Dr Harsha Bhargavi Pandiri, Assistant Director, Public Relations-Ministry of Culture, in the presence of Prof. Manoj K Arora, Honourable Vice Chancellor, SRM AP and Dr R Premkumar, Registrar; SRM AP. “We have had a long bilateral relationship with India for years, and we would like to continue to strengthen this camaraderie”, said H. E. Mustapha Jawara, Gambian High Commissioner while signing an MOU with SRM University-AP. Delegates and diplomats from over 13 countries gathered at the International Diplomat Meet.

    We are at an interesting phase in the global domain where India is emerging as an economic power and central contributor to the world. We are actively promoting the G20 initiative to achieve ‘One World, One Family’ and bridge the gap with the outside world through connection, coordination and cooperation”, commented Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP while addressing the delegates from various countries.

    Chief Guest of the event, Prof. K Hemachandra Reddy, Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education (APSCHE), praised the university on its flagship initiative. “An ancient Indian philosophy narrates that a student in pursuit of knowledge will acquire knowledge through four stages – 25% from teachers, 25% through curiosity, 25% from peers and 25% with time and experience.” This can be implemented in global education where a diversified academic pool will enhance the strength of our national education and youth. SRM University-AP has manifested this by establishing and building networks extending beyond state and national boundaries.


    The Exchange emphasised the relevance of digital diplomacy in the postmodern political milieu. “With the strategic shift in the global world, India plays a pivotal role in leading the G20 summit. We as a nation recognise the power of digital diplomacy in crisis management and conflict resolutions in issues of national and international significance and promote digital diplomacy as an essential competency for diplomats in the 21st century”, commented Guest of Honour, Shri. P Samuel Jonathan, Andhra Pradesh State Information Commissioner.

    Panel discussions on enhancing diplomatic relations through academic exchange, discourses on advancements of SDGs through international partnerships, and Press Meet were the highlights of the Diplomatic Exchange. Mr Suresh Chukkapalli, Consul General, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Korea, suggested that countries like Taiwan and Japan have low populations and require India to provide a highly skilled workforce to their employment sector during the press meet. He enlightened the gathering on the high scope for employability in Asian countries and suggested the inclusion of academic and linguistic programmes at SRM university-AP to enhance the skill set of students.

    The Diplomatic Exchange was marshalled under the aegis of the Directorate of International Relations and Higher Studies and Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti, Director-IR & HS, to promote constructive diplomatic connections between the leadership of various countries promoting global partnerships. The Meet sought to provide future leaders with an in-depth knowledge of diplomatic relations, digital diplomacy, and countries working towards ‘One World, One Earth, One Family’ by means of cross-cultural education.

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  • Semester Abroad Programme- Spring 2024 July 5, 2023

    Semester Abroad ProgrammeEmbarking on a semester abroad is an unparalleled adventure that broadens horizons, challenges perspectives, and opens the door to a world of endless possibilities. A Semester Abroad Programme beckons students to immerse themselves in a tapestry of cultural diversity, academic excellence, and personal growth. The Semester Abroad Programme-Spring 2024 applications are now open, urging you to make your January-June Semester international! Through this transformative journey, participants are in for a voyage of self-discovery, forging lifelong friendships, embracing new languages, and acquiring a global perspective that transcends borders.

    30+ Universities, such as the University of California- Berkeley, UC Davis, Monash University, University of Wisconsin, University College Dublin and many more, are lined up for the programme. Meritorious students can obtain scholarships through various proficiency tests and study at enthralling destinations such as The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, and many others.

    At SRM University-AP, the Semester Abroad Programme, meticulously organised by the Directorate of International Relations and Higher Studies, aims to provide a life-changing experience that profoundly influences individuals’ perspectives and nurtures a global mindset. With each step taken beyond the confines of their comfort zones, students take off a path that enriches their academic journey, shapes their character, and empowers them to become global citizens of the 21st century.

    Apply Now!

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  • IMUN Appreciation for Students at International Conference in Vietnam March 23, 2023

    Students of SRM University-AP exhibited incredible talent at the conference organised by the International Model United Nations (IMUN) at the British University in Vietnam from March 11 to 14, 2023. The international conference has been conducted in collaboration with UNICEF, UNO, and UN Women. University students from 35 countries participated in the four-day long conference.

    Durgapraveen, Eeshitha, Sahana, Navya, Praveen Kumar, Venugopal, Satwik Suhas, Nitish, Rameez and Satwik Sai were the students of SRM University-AP who participated in the conference. Students prepared detailed draft copies on contemporary social issues and engaged in group discussions with students from different countries to showcase their potential. Along with students from other countries, they presented a report with details on social problems like cancer treatment, mental health problems, and child marriage and their solutions. The committee considered these the best presentations and handed over certificates of appreciation. Pro-Chancellor, Dr P Sathyanarayanan; Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manoj K Arora; Director of International Relations and Higher Studies, Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti; and others praised the students who made the varsity’s voice heard at the international conference.

    The conference was part of the 4-day Vietnam Immersion Programme organised by the Directorate of International Relations and Higher Studies of SRM AP. The programme featured 10 students from the university. Diplomatic Talk from the embassies on recent global issues, MUN 101 and Training Sessions for the participants, Paper presentations on UNDP, WHO, UNSC, UNICEF, UNWoman & UNESCO, Social Night, cultural exchange, and networking with global participants, and Educational City Tour to explore the capital city, Hanoi were the highlights of the immersion programme.

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  • UMMI Indonesia Immersion Programme: Enriching Global Perceptions February 14, 2023

    UMMI Indonesia Immersion ProgrammeThe UMMI Indonesia Immersion Programme has been successfully completed by the Directorate of International Relations & Higher Studies in collaboration with Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi. The ten-day global immersion programme featured nine students and one staff member from January 19 to January 28, 2023.

    A grand opening and closing ceremony were held for the students of SRM AP. A short course on Bahasa Language, Indonesian Economics, and PencakSilat-Martial Arts was done as part of the programme. Sessions with Science & Technology, Law, Administrative Sciences, and Humanities departments were also conducted. A tour of the most pleasant and historically significant areas of Sukabumi, an excursion to the UNESCO Global GeoparkCiletuh, an exploration of Jakarta, a Soccer competition etc., were the other attractions of the programme.

    Students got to experience the hosting country’s rich history and cultural diversity, unique foods, and languages while being accompanied by its warm and welcoming people.

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  • Dubai Global Immersion Programme: Towards Global Knowledge and Exposure February 13, 2023

    dubai global immersion programmeThe Directorate of International Relations & Higher Studies successfully completed the Dubai Global Immersion Programme by collaborating with the Ureka Education Group from January 17 to January 23, 2023. The programme featured 49 students and two faculty/staff members and provided the opportunity to explore three cities in UAE: Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

    Industry Visits to Gracia Group, Siemens HQ, Masdar Sustainable City in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park, Apple, Intel Innovation Centre, Global Village, and Fintech Hive in Dubai were the highlights of the programme. Students also attended short courses & workshops on Digital Marketing, social media, AI & #ML and 3D printing. They experienced the advanced infrastructure and technological advancements of the UAE. The Dubai immersion programme helped them overcome cultural, food, and diversity barriers. The one-week global immersion programme allowed them to understand, learn, and cope with global knowledge and technological developments.

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  • Global Immersion Programme at UTP Malaysia: Rendering Diverse Learning Experiences February 8, 2023

    global immersion programmeEngagement with different environments, cultures and economies helps students to create links and expand their reach across the map. The Directorate of International Relations & Higher Studies and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS collaborated to conduct the 10-day Global Immersion Programme from January 19 to January 28, 2023. An MoU inking ceremony between the two institutions was also held during the programme, featuring 17 students and two faculty members!

    With other members, Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor, UTP Malaysia, and Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti, Associate Director, International Relations and Higher Studies, signed and exchanged the Memorandum of Understanding. “Participating in the Global Immersion programme will increase the Global Quotient in the students and helps them to become an empowered global citizen,” added the programme coordinator Mr Sandeep Samala while recalling the immersion programme.

    Short courses on Latex, R Statistics, ESE, Energy Management & Data Reporting, Group presentations on the live projects, City tours of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Little India, and Batu Caves, Photo sessions, Kayaking and Fun at UTP Campus were the highlights of the immersion programme.

    Students of SRM AP enjoyed the local food, cultural diversity, and networking with the local students at UTP Malaysia. The short courses and project presentations, which are part of the programme, helped them deepen their knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. The short courses and project presentations helped students deepen their understanding of their respective areas of expertise.

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  • Aadigyan-Indian Immersion Programme for Students of UTP Malaysia December 28, 2022

    aadigyan indian immersion programmeSRM University-AP welcomed the students and faculty of the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia, to the rich cultural landscape of India through the Aadigyan-Indian Immersion programme 2022. The one-week-long programme conducted by the Directorate of International Relations and Higher Studies was inaugurated by the honourable Vice Chancellor of SRM University-AP, Prof. Manoj K Arora. Aadigyan is a flagship initiative of the university to promote India’s cultural and knowledge traditions.

    Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti, Associate Director of the Directorate of International Relations and Higher Studies, received the international students at the grand inaugural ceremony of the programme. Students participated in various short courses on Data Analysis, Samaj Seva, the Art of Negotiation & Digital Marketing offered by the Paari School of Business. They also got to visit the famous landmarks of Vijayawada, such as the Dhyana Buddha statue, Prakasham Barrage, Kondapalli, etc. The traditional toy-making practice enticed the Malaysian student cohort.

    Students interacted with many industry experts as they visited Infosys Gachibowli, Hyderabad campus, which gave them insights regarding the current trends and new technologies. The programme also included interaction with the 160+ International students of SRM AP from more than 29 countries over RRR Movie Screening and Gala Night. The programme ended on December 26, 2022, with a valedictory session and facilitating faculty and students of UTP Malaysia.

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