SRM University, AP signs agreement with MIT for new courses!

SRM University, AP, located in Amravati has signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), U.S for the design and development of their curriculum through the use of MITx courses. This agreement also covers courses such as Calculus, Electromagnetic Theory, Classical Mechanics, Computer Programing, Electricity and Magnetism, Circuits and Electronics and many more.
Concepts of hybrid learning by utilizing both traditional and technologically enabled teaching methods have been incorporated into these courses. This will aid students to move from a traditional learning to a hybrid learning approach by utilizing educational technology and thereby stimulating students to question and discover more.

Speaking on the new approach and methodology, Dr. P Sathyanarayanan, President of SRM University, AP – Amaravati said that the University is embracing a new method of learning with an emphasis on the practical and application oriented learning via projects and lab courses instead of the traditional monologues prevalent in the classrooms.

The University has plans for annual design camps where the university’s faculty will also participate in to learn techniques to blend MITx courses and MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) course material with relevant local content into the courses offered.

SRM University, AP – Amaravati is currently establishing partnerships with other reputed international universities from the US, the UK and Singapore to focus on research in areas of renewable energy, space technology, IoT, blue economy, nanotechnologies, and many more. Dr Narayana Rao, Pro – Vice Chancellor said that research led universities are fundamental to the nation’s progress and that SRM University, AP – Amravati is aiming to move in this direction by bringing solutions to the problems that plagued today’s world.

The university aims to grow from being engineering centred into an integrated multi-disciplinary institution offering courses in management, law, medical sciences, pure sciences and liberal arts.

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