New cell culture facility launched at SRM AP campus

SRM AP Monday launched its first cell culture facility at its campus here to pioneer bio-medical research on cells.

This facility will house the latest equipment related to applications like cellular culture, drug delivery, cell imaging and cell cytotoxicity, a university release said.

“At this facility, the higher-end epi-fluorescence microscope will, in particular, facilitate diagnosis and cure of like (solid tumour) and leukaemia,” of the Cell Culture Laboratory said.

These technologies were not yet available for medical and use as further intensive research was required before practical applications emerge, he said, adding that research facilities like the one set up at SRM AP would help bridge the gap.

said that eight laboratories would be set up in the next one year as part of the endeavour to make SRM a research-intensive university,

A genome research centre would be opened later this month, he said.

“Such laboratories can transform the university into a leading international research hub in science and technology,” the said.

Educational and small-scale research institutions, as also start-up companies in Amaravati region could avail of the services at the SRM AP cell culture facility, he added.

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