At Business Voyage, we can stay updated with business news and be equipped with skills while having fun. We can brush up our team management skills by working in teams and shape ourselves into leaders by taking up responsibilities. We can build critical thinking by participating in brainstorming discussions and enhance our negotiation skills by taking part in pitch-ins. With the help of case studies, we are availed with a chance to ameliorate our problem-solving skills as well as analytical skills.

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, working together is a success. We believe in building a community that complements a learner who aims at holistic development and relishes learning while socializing. We, at Business Voyage, presume this preps you up for real-world scenarios and sculptures into becoming a better person. Here, you learn by experiencing different features of business in an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere.

The two co-founders, Manasa Thippavajjula and Snigdha Vanga found it captivating when the idea of a business club occurred to their minds. That’s when the BUSINESS VOYAGE found its way. The club’s main objective is learning about financial markets along with analyzing marketing campaigns, case discussions, role-plays, business quizzes, business news discussions, workshops, and seminars on emerging business trends. These activities in return could help the students to develop negotiation skills, problem-solving skills and analytical skills. Working with peer groups aids in enhancing team management skills, leadership, thus nurturing ethical business leaders.

To sum up, from exploring the financial markets to analyzing gripping advertisements, here is a platform that takes you on a fascinating journey.
Business voyage- An ideal place to invest your time.
Learn by experiencing different features of business in an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere.