• The Significance and Impact of AI-powered Marketing October 25, 2023


    With the advent of AI, the business sector gradually transitions to tech-dominated management and marketing practices for increased impact. On this note, the Paari School of Business organised a guest lecture on “AI and Generative AI-Powered Marketing” on September 26, 2023, by Mr Laxminarayanan G, Senior Vice President and Global Delivery Head of Polestar Solutions. Mr Laxminarayanan emphasised that AI is the latest trend in the world, and companies such as Amazon, Google, Uber, and Swiggy/Zomato are using it effectively to improve the customer experience by exploring the significance and impact of AI-powered marketing on the business management.

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  • An Enriching Session on Cracking Job Interviews September 15, 2023

    S Suresh

    The Paari School of Business successfully concluded its session on career development. Mr. Suresh S, a seasoned HR professional with years of experience, engaged students with informative segments on career planning, acing job interviews, and enhancing communication skills.

    During the career planning segment, attendees were reminded of the critical importance of completing their courses and were enlightened about the more rigorous elimination processes often found in larger companies. The seminar emphasised the need for clarity in one’s career goals, whether it involves pursuing higher studies, venturing into entrepreneurship, or exploring international opportunities. The resounding message was to “dream big” and strive for ambitious career aspirations.

    The interview segment of the seminar provided illuminating insights into the rapid evaluation process that candidates face during job interviews. The seminar also delved into Maslow’s Theory of Management, emphasising the significance of mastering the fundamental principles. A major takeaway from the event was the emphasis on merit over recommendations, highlighting the importance of proving one’s capabilities through skills and qualifications.

    The seminar also equipped attendees with practical tips for interview success. These included guidance on dressing appropriately, avoiding squeaky shoes, mastering the art of tying ties, punctuality, and conducting thorough research about the prospective employer. Participants were encouraged to create clear and concise resumes, carry extra copies of their resumes and testimonials, and ensure that their references were in order. The event underscored that the first impression often leaves a lasting mark, making preparation and presentation crucial.

    Effective communication skills were another key focal point, with an emphasis on articulating strengths and weaknesses concisely and convincingly. The seminar was a comprehensive guide for attendees, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex job market successfully.


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