Higher Studies

In the BBA programme, several students opt for higher studies. Primarily, BBA students opt to do an MBA programme in India or a Master’s degree in a field related to Business Management abroad. We enable the latter by giving students an option to continue the 4th year (BBA by Research) (students wanting placements alone typically do not opt for this). Numerous foreign Universities require a 4-year Undergraduate degree and our 4th-year option ensures our students have an advantage over others regarding foreign admissions.

While not part of higher studies, we also offer several semester abroad programmes. Our students can spend a semester abroad at the following Universities: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Dundee, the University of California (Berkely), Cyprus West University and Mahidol University.

Our BBA students also have the opportunity of doing a 15 month Master’s programme in Strategic and Digital Marketing, International Finance, Geopolitics and Business, International Luxury and Brand Management, International Human Resource Management, International Accounting, Management Control and Auditing, Supply Chain Management, Sports and Tourism Management, International Negotiation and Business Development, Data and Business Analytics, Global Business Management and Sustainable Management and Eco-Innovation in Rennes School of Business, France.

If our BBA students wish to do an MBA in India, our unique curriculum ensures they have an edge. Because students are so happy with our BBA programme, many of them typically do an MBA in Paari School of Business itself.