PhD Programme in Management

PSB PhD Scholars

The purpose of a PhD programme is to create faculty and researchers and the Paari School of Business PhD programme does precisely that.

Our PhD programme aims to produce quality researchers that can publish in leading journals worldwide. Towards this end, we offer the best facilities: excellent and well-qualified guides, necessary software, research seminars, generous funding, a rigorous selection of scholars, customised courses, and individual attention. Our faculty regularly publish in ABDC (Australian Business Deans Council) A* and A category (Scopus Q1) publications.

The stipends that we provide are among the best in the country.

Our PhD programme has the following phases: coursework and doing a thesis. Our excellent and friendly faculty work with their students closely on a regular basis. PhD students form their own Doctoral Committees (DCs). The DC comprises the guide, the co-guide (if any), a member from another school in SRM University-AP and two external members drawn from leading B schools across India (IIMs, IITs, Great Lakes Institute of Management and so on). PhD students also assist faculty in their teaching and research. Thus, when they graduate, they are ready to don the robes of an academic and slip seamlessly into their new roles.

All these factors make our PhD programme highly sought after.

Courses Offered

  • PhD in Management