Happening Happenings

A manager needs to know what is happening in the outside world - be it business news, politics, economics, sports, science, and technology; a manager needs to have a working knowledge of the "happening happenings" in all these domains. In today's time-crunched world, unfortunately, students may not get the time to read up on these important aspects. Hence, we have introduced a course on current affairs innovatively titled "Happening Happenings". While Prof. Ravi Prakash (who is absolutely up-to-date with current affairs) leads the class, it is the students who essentially run it themselves. Students are divided into groups, and they need to update the rest of the class with all relevant current affairs information. It is a different and fun-filled, yet enormously useful course that students thoroughly enjoy. This is yet another instance of the innovative nature of the curriculum of the Paari School of Business!