Current Happenings

  • Kanchan Khera Deliberates on the Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship October 25, 2023


    Ms Kanchan Khera, the CEO and founder of Zykrr, a cutting-edge technology company that is transforming experience management, discussed the role of entrepreneurship in the contemporary business environment and revealed the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The Paari School of Business organised a guest talk by Ms Kanchan Khera on September 26, 2023, to enlighten the students on the path to successful entrepreneurship.

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  • The Significance and Impact of AI-powered Marketing October 25, 2023


    With the advent of AI, the business sector gradually transitions to tech-dominated management and marketing practices for increased impact. On this note, the Paari School of Business organised a guest lecture on “AI and Generative AI-Powered Marketing” on September 26, 2023, by Mr Laxminarayanan G, Senior Vice President and Global Delivery Head of Polestar Solutions. Mr Laxminarayanan emphasised that AI is the latest trend in the world, and companies such as Amazon, Google, Uber, and Swiggy/Zomato are using it effectively to improve the customer experience by exploring the significance and impact of AI-powered marketing on the business management.

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