School of Entrepreneurship And Management Studies (SEAMS) of SRM University, Andhra Pradesh is committed to producing socially-conscious managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. It aims at providing excellence in management education with the help of its state of art infrastructure, industry contacts and global tie ups with various academic institutions. The students at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh are taught with providing the understanding of nuts and bolts of business be it Finance, Marketing or HR, Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Managerial skills. The young talents are nurtured in understanding the concepts in a holistic way through its dynamic curriculum. The students' learning is monitored and assessed continuously through various innovative ways, some of the assessment tools, in this direction are usage of digital exams, on-line exams, case study discussions and tests, group discussions, role plays, quiz programmes, research projects and through other assessment criterions.

The School of Entrepreneurship And Management Studies (SEAMS) emerged as a separate school in a University started its journey in Andhra Pradesh as a two years’ baby but it has a proven track record throughout the world as SRM brand through its national, global and industry connections. A strong leader in various fields of education be it engineering, science, social science, medicine, commerce, law or management.


To be the agent of Change in Businesses, Lives, and Society. Also, the vision is to inculcate, motivate and engage the students with socially responsible behaviour with the motto of building entrepreneurial, leadership, and creative talents and also producing the students with good team skills by involving them in all-round development of economy and society, in addition to academic pursuits.


To nurture global and ethical business leaders for an inclusive society. The school aspires to achieve the objectives, to develop Team Management, Leadership, and Business Talents by enabling them to work in teams and groups. Encourage creative abilities to provide solutions to business and economic and social problems, which the country is facing.

Courses Offered

  • B.B.A (Honours)
  • MBA (Banking & Financial Institutions)
  • Ph.D (Commerce & Management)