Research Areas

Faculty in Paari School of Business at SRM AP work in a variety of areas. They do cutting-edge research in classic areas (like customer satisfaction, and capital budgeting) and emerging ones (like gamification and fintech). They collaborate not just internally amongst one another but also with faculty from leading schools in India (e.g. IIM Trichy, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode) and abroad (e.g. Curtin University, Australia; University of Puerto Rico, USA). The information below provides a snapshot of the key research areas:


  • Consumer Research - Rural Consumers, Young consumers, Online consumers, Impulse Buying, Customer Satisfaction
  • Digital Marketing - Online Retailing, Online Banking, Digital Payments, Social media Marketing
  • Sustainability - Preventive Healthcare, Sustainable and Responsible Consumption, Marketing for Social Goods, Sharing Economy
  • Branding - Brand Management, Private Label Brands, Branding in the Indian context
  • Others - Systematic Literature Reviews, Gamification, CRM


  • Accounting - Advanced Accounting, Integrated Reporting
  • Corporate Governance - Capital Structure and Earnings, Corporate Restructuring
  • Digital Finance - Fintech, Digital Currency, Circular Economy
  • Entrepreneurship - Start-up Financing
  • Financial Economics - Asset Pricing, Stock market performance, Mutual Funds, Behavioral Finance, Commodities Trading
  • Financial Institutions - Banking, Governance and Banking, Fintech and Banking, Financial Development, Emerging Financial Instruments
  • Financial Risk Management - Credit Risk, Risk Management
  • Sustainable Finance - Green bonds, ESG

Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

  • Leadership - Leadership in Organisations; Gender, leadership, and Work; Crisis Leadership; Entrepreneurial leadership; Destructive leadership
  • Analytics & Technology - Performance Analytics; Technology and Human Side of HRM
  • Ethics in Organisation - Unethical Behaviour at the Workplace; Employee Incivility, Abusive Supervision; Workplace Bullying
  • Wellbeing & Wellness - Workplace Well-being; Work Stress; Employee Experience and Hybrid Work
  • Others - Personality and Work; Organisational Behaviour; Behaviour and Entrepreneurship, Team Development; Crisis and HRM

Business Analytics

  • Social media analytics - Text Analytics, Predictive Analytics, News Analytics, Twitter Analytics
  • Marketing analytics - Customer Experience, Service Failure, Clustering, Segmentation
  • Predictive analytics - Firm performance, Impact of Customer Experience, Stock Market Analytics, Churn Prediction, Fraud Detection
  • HR analytics - Employee Experience, Employee Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction, Employee Attrition
  • Deep learning - Artificial neural network, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent neural networks, Long short-term memory, Deep Auto Regressive, NBeats
  • Classification model - Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbour, Artificial Neural Networks, Naive Bayes

Operations Management

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Network optimization, Supply chain disruptions, Sustainability
  • Operations Management - Inventory management, Facility location, Demand forecasting, Quality management
  • Healthcare Management - Healthcare operations and supply chain management
  • Waste Management - Solid waste management, Waste collection system, Circular economy
  • Others - Optimization techniques, Mathematical modelling, Stochastic modelling, Empirical research, Applications of Industry 4.0 (Data analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc.) in operations and supply chain