Research Areas


  • Consumer Research - Rural Consumers, Young consumers, Online consumers, Impulse Buying, Customer Satisfaction
  • Digital Marketing - Online Retailing, Online Banking, Digital Payments, Social media Marketing
  • Sustainability - Preventive Healthcare, Sustainable and Responsible Consumption, Marketing for Social Goods, Sharing Economy
  • Branding - Brand Management, Private Label Brands, Branding in the Indian context
  • Others - Systematic Literature Reviews, Gamification, CRM


  • Accounting - Advanced Accounting, Integrated Reporting
  • Corporate Governance - Capital Structure and Earnings, Corporate Restructuring
  • Digital Finance - Fintech, Digital Currency, Circular Economy
  • Entrepreneurship - Start-up Financing
  • Financial Economics - Asset Pricing, Stock market performance, Mutual Funds, Behavioral Finance, Commodities Trading
  • Financial Institutions - Banking, Governance and Banking, Fintech and Banking, Financial Development, Emerging Financial Instruments
  • Financial Risk Management - Credit Risk, Risk Management
  • Sustainable Finance - Green bonds, ESG

Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

  • Leadership - Leadership in Organisations; Gender, leadership, and Work; Crisis Leadership; Entrepreneurial leadership; Destructive leadership
  • Analytics & Technology - Performance Analytics; Technology and Human Side of HRM
  • Ethics in Organisation - Unethical Behaviour at the Workplace; Employee Incivility, Abusive Supervision; Workplace Bullying
  • Wellbeing & Wellness - Workplace Well-being; Work Stress; Employee Experience and Hybrid Work
  • Others - Personality and Work; Organisational Behaviour; Behaviour and Entrepreneurship, Team Development; Crisis and HRM

Business Analytics

  • Social media analytics - Text Analytics, Predictive Analytics, News Analytics, Twitter Analytics
  • Marketing analytics - Customer Experience, Service Failure, Clustering, Segmentation
  • Predictive analytics - Firm performance, Impact of Customer Experience, Stock Market Analytics, Churn Prediction, Fraud Detection
  • HR analytics - Employee Experience, Employee Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction, Employee Attrition
  • Deep learning - Artificial neural network, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent neural networks, Long short-term memory, Deep Auto Regressive, NBeats
  • Classification model - Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbour, Artificial Neural Networks, Naive Bayes